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Bundestagswahl 2017: Kretschmann supports the Greens

Sunday, September 17th, 2017 | World News



Kretschmann supports the Greens The environmentally friendly party weakens in the polls.
 Winfried Kretschmann, Minister-President of Baden-Württemberg, joins the side of the top candidates for the Bundestag election of Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen, Katrin Göring-Eckardt and Cem Özdemir. (Source: cafetheology.org)
In the last few months, the Greens had been struggling with weak polls. On the last few meters, the party now once again sets a stronger distinction from the competition. Baden-Württemberg's minister-president Winfried Kretschmann is now entering the election campaign in the final sprint.

Together with the top-flight duo Katrin Göring-Eckardt and Cem Özdemir, Kretschmann is calling for a government participation of the Greens in a Saturday's climate protection appeal, warning against the FDP, a possible black-yellow alliance and a re-launch of the grand coalition of the Union and the SPD.

Kretschmann leads a coalition in Stuttgart together with the CDU and is popular beyond the party borders. Up to now he had largely retired from the election campaign. According to Kretschmann, however, Kretschmann was also the last to challenge claims from his own ranks after his departure from Diestechnology. Why is he attacked by the left wing? Numerous large companies in the automotive sector are located in Baden-Württemberg.

Immediately turn off the dirtiest coal mincers
In the joint appeal of the three "Spitzen-Grünen" (Green Party Greens), shortly before the party's election party this Sunday in Berlin, an ambitious climate protection policy is being approached and warned of "huge advances" with FDP or black and yellow. The brown coal policy of the SPD and the left in the countries is also criticized. The "dirtiest coalmen" want to immediately turn off the Greens and get out of the "climate" coal completely by the year 2030.

"The time for climate protection is too tight for Germany to make a step back to black-and-yellow at the time of the grand coalition," the German press agency said. "At the end of the league it has to be called" Climate protection first! That's why green! " What is needed is a radical turnaround: "Only those who think together ecology and economics will be ahead in the competition for tomorrow's markets."

 Starting from 2030 only exhaust-free cars
This is shown by the turn of the times in the automobile, "where others used to be more and more determined for electric mobility than the German automobile manufacturers." For this reason, we must now work with all our efforts to ensure that the emission-free car of the future in Germany comes off the line: "This is only possible with the Greens."

The Kremsmann, Göring-Eckardt, and Özdemir joint appeal from the Green Party to the incineration date for the internal combustion engine is not mentioned. The eco-party had called the year 2030 as a goal. Özdemir had previously emphasized that he was only going to a government that was to initiate the entry from the exit of the fossil combustion engine.

In the election program of the Greens, it is demanded that "only zero-emission cars will be allowed again from 2030. The age of the fossil combustion engines will then be over." In the call of the three Green politicians, it is now said: "We support the companies in the historic turning of the automobile, and thus push the transition to climate-neutral mobility."


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