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Bundesrat – Burkhalter succession: Cassis as a favorite in pole position News

Sunday, September 17th, 2017 | Economy

In a survey conducted by Tamedia, he achieved the highest approval: 41 per cent of respondents said the Ticino was to become the new Federal Council. Pierre Maudet, the Geneva-based French national, achieved 24 per cent in the survey, while the canton of Vaud, Isabelle Moret, only received 13 per cent of the vote, as reported by the "SonntagsZeitung" and "Le Matin Dimanche". 22 per cent did not know who was to be elected by the United Bundestag next Wednesday.
51 per cent of the interviewees felt that the origin and gender of the new member of the government was not important. However, 32 percent said "more for a Ticino". For a woman, only 15 percent of the persons interviewed were.
Great differences were found in the preferences in the different language regions: 59 percent of the Ticinese would choose Cassis, the German-speaking Swiss would still be 42 percent and the Romans 35 percent. Nevertheless, Cassis was also the most popular in Western Switzerland. For Maudet, 32 per cent of the Romans spoke out, and 16 per cent for the Moret moratorium.
Among respondents from German-speaking Switzerland, Maudet received 21 percent of the votes and Moret 13 percent. In Italy, 16 percent voted for Moret and 11 percent for Maudet. The remaining respondents were unable to provide any information. For Tamedia's online survey, 11,921 people were interviewed. The sample error is 1 / – 1.3 percent.
Candidates draw all the stops
On the weekend before the election, the three FDP candidates were omnipresent in the media. So the "shooting star" Pierre Maudet fought for every voice, as he said in the "look" from Saturday. According to the Geneva, it needs fresh wind in the Federal Council. However, he is aware of his boundaries: "I'm not the Betty Bossy of politics – that is, I do not have a prescription for anything."
Cassis expressed his opinion about "Blickonline" on the subject of suicide, which is very popular with regard to the Swiss "crime scene" broadcast on Sunday. The doctor of Ticino believes that films and series may help to disappoint the topic of suicide.
Moret and Maudet responded politically to questions such as immigration, budget and army in the "Switzerland on the weekend". They were also questioned about past "sins," but both negated the fact that they had ever made a decision.
SP for Sadis
In some articles, the former Ticino FDP governor Laura Sadis, the candidate candidate of the SP. This is what SP Group President Roger Nordmann said in the "Central Switzerland on Sunday": "We would not be averse to a candid candidacy." But lack the support from the middle. SP president Christian Levrat says in the "Switzerland on the weekend", the FDP would have had the opportunity to port someone who fulfills all criteria, namely Sadis. She came from Ticino, was a woman and had an executive career.
In the commentary of the "Basler Zeitung" of Saturday, the political scientist and former SP National Councilor Andreas Gross calls on the opposition to the dictatorship of the FDP. However, according to a National Socialist Council, which is unrecognized in the "NZZ am Sonntag", it is a risky game to cast votes for the desired candidate of the left.
Endspurt on Tuesday
On Tuesday it is serious, then the groups of SP, GLP and BDP invite the three candidates to the Hearings. For the SVP, Cassis is the favorite as announced last week after the faction's meeting. Only the farmers are not enthusiastic about Cassis's statements on agricultural policy.
The CVP has not yet decided whether to support a particular candidate or a candidate. All three were eligible, said Fraulein Filippo Lombardi last week. Traditionally, the CVP does not make a choice.
After the "night of the long knives" is to finally stand on Wednesday, who is new to the Federal Council.


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