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Bundesnetzagentur: Network operators want to cooperate with glass fiber

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 | Gadgets

In the case of fiber optic networks, openness for cooperation is growing. The network operators show "in the case of non-public conversations, a pleasant willingness to think about cooperation". The President of the Federal Network Agency, Jochen Homann, said on September 6, 2017 at the Broadband Policy Symposium in Berlin. "This is different from public conversations, where balconies are held." It is about cooperation in the sense of open access.

Andreas Mundt, President of the Federal Cartel Office, said that his authority is "open to the assessment of cooperation agreements for glass fiber development", although not nationwide. Competition is the only innovation driver. The cost of 70 to 80 billion euros would have to be distributed on all shoulders. "Of course, we have to expand the fast Internet everywhere, in cities and in the countryside." We need the nationwide expansion as quickly as possible, "said Mundt.
Remonopolisation and future visibility
The Symposium was organized by the Anga (Association of German Cable Operators), Breko (Bundesverband Breitbandkommunikation), Buglas (Bundesverband Glasfaseranschluss), VATM (Association of Telecommunications and Value-Added Services) and the FTTH Council Europe.
"In Germany there is an enormous need for catching up with Gigabit data rates," stressed VATM President Martin Witt, head of the 1 & 1 Telecommunication. The Federal Government had "sought or found no solution" so far. In the poorly developed rural area 70 per cent of all industrial jobs are located. With a view to the Vectoring decisions of the Federal Network agency, he asked "not to sacrifice the competition once again to the monopoly interests of a company."

Homann replied, instead of talking about remonopolisation, one had to look ahead. The glass fiber target would all be on the agenda.


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