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Buglas: Fiber optic construction brings 30,000 jobs for ten years

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 | Gadgets

The president of the city network operator Buglas, Theo Weirich, wants to create a program for 30,000 jobs for ten years to build a fiber-optic network in Germany. Weirich said this in conversation with Golem.de. Here, in the civil engineering sector, "refugees can also find a long-term and relatively well-paid job with a toleration".

According to Weirich, the managing director of the city network operator Wilhelm.tel with a fiber-optic network in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein, the civil engineering capacities in Germany are not sufficient for the expansion of a fiber-optic network up to every house. "We have around 2,500 civil engineering companies in Germany.
However, there are different requirements for qualification during the work. Only one third of the shaft work in the cities can be done with machines. There is therefore a high proportion of manual work. "At the same time, civil engineering prices rose by 20 percent.
1.2 million antennas for the 5G network
According to Weirich, specialists are also lacking in the installation in the house, which would not always have to be an electrician. Here the Buglas wants to work with the policy and the chambers of industry and commerce on a shortened special training. In addition, 1.2 million antennas have to be installed for the new 5G mobile radio for "Gigabit on the air". "This is a regular economic stimulus program", emphasized Weirich.
According to the Buglas President, only 8 percent of the fiber in Germany will soon be a regular run on the infrastructure. Insurance companies and pension funds will like to invest in the long-term interest rate. Fiber optic networks are a good investment over a long period of time.


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