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BROWN: Why Fernando Alonso remains at McLaren

Friday, September 1st, 2017 | Sports

01. September 2017 – 09:24

Fernando Alonso will probably also 2018 for McLaren-Honda Formula 1 drive

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(cafetheology.org) – "GP2 Engine", "embarrassing", "Engine failure, Engine failure": The list of radio messages with which Fernando Alonso McLarens motor partner Honda has repeatedly humiliated publicly is long. For a time, it seemed hard to imagine that he would have a fourth season with McLaren – at least with Honda as a motor partner. But now, the information provided by 'cafetheology.org' has already been posted on the spa weekend. On Saturday morning, before the Grand Prix of Belgium, we learned from McLaren management circles, McLaren Teamchef Zak Brown and Alonso at a joint breakfast on the basic conditions for further cooperation. It was also clear why Alonso had a turnaround on Thursday in Monza (Formula 1 2017 live on the ticker) regarding his comments on McLaren and Honda. After month-long jokes, he now suddenly completely on Teamplayer. "We now have some ingredients to become a world champion," he said. "We have some ingredients to become world champions," he says Team has improved a lot over the last three years since I arrived, I think we have the talent in the team, we have the equipment, we have it all, we just have to get something faster, which is admittedly the most important Let's look at the numbers for next year, and then we'll make a decision. "

Even in Indianapolis, Fernando Alonso's Honda engine …


What suggests between the lines that he has not yet signed the contract. Just before Monza were even rumors scattered, Alonso could make a one-year Formula 1 break and instead IndyCar drive. But this is just as unstable as a shifted change to Williams. But only Paddy Lowe really made a difference. Realistically, the speculative speculation in Spa was not at any time. It can only be right if it is associated with other options. This improves his position in the pay game with McLaren and Honda. "It's absolutely not true," he denies indignantly reports that he should leave McLaren if Honda remains. "Aonso plans exploring flights to Japan" It's just like Ferrari 2014/15, when they made a huge step in the engine. When you get the engine, the fuel burner works and everything gets better, then results are very fast, "he hopes. "I now have to find out what Honda is doing, and they have the experience of the past three years, it's possible, why not?"


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