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Brothers with Childpornography – '' Horror House '' in Court

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 | World News

US media are describing the rotten wooden villa with white facade and light-blue window frame, in which the three brothers lived together for more than 50 years as a "horror house". According to police reports, the officers found copies of pornographic pictures of young girls, handwritten notes describing sexual cruelties and murders, books and videos about satanic rituals.

In the wheelchair, Charles E. is pushed into the courtroom on Thursday, the 82-year-old is weak. He does not comment on the serious accusations of the possession of childpornography. His 80-year-old brother Thomas E. appears in red prison clothes with bowed head in front of the detention center. He pleads "not guilty." The youngest brother, Edwin E., remains away from the first appearance at the Seattle court, Washington, since the trio's mid-August arrest. The 78-year-old American is currently being treated in a hospital.

Suspicious finds in the "horror" woodvilla of the brothers
The accusations of the prosecution against the trio are frightening. According to US media reports, the investigators in the "horror house" encountered girls' clothing, toys and children's shoes. The prosecutor's office in the accusation writes that the house of the gathering brothers had been "full from floor to ceiling".

Girls from their own family were abuse victims
A man's niece had alerted the police at the beginning of August. As a guardian of Charles E., the wife helped her uncle to move to a dormitory dormitory recently. When packing his things, she had struck the crates. She had been bothered by the men as a girl, and her mother had been abused by the brothers' trio, she told the police.

Previous suspicions were not prosecuted
For a decade, the single, childless brothers came undisturbed. In 2013, Edwin E. was first noticed when children's pornos were discovered on a computer during a computer repair. The police were turned on, but there was no charge.

Now the investigators go all the more thoroughly to the point. "We're cataloising all the stuff and it's packed a lot of boxes," said Mike Edwards, a researcher on Thursday's Seattle Times. Some of the pictures could be from the 1970s. They would try to identify the girls depicted. "Most people throw things away, fortunately not these men, so we have a lot of stuff," said Edwards.

Investigations could reveal missing girls
The investigators now determine whether the brothers might have something to do with the disappearance of young girls in the region. They were looking for a remote site, with their dogs, on which a fourth brother, who died in 2016, had lived for a long time. In the vicinity of his house a ten-year-old girl had disappeared in 2009, which has since been regarded as missing.

82-year-old may not be eligible
For the time being, the brothers are left behind in search of evidence. The judge set the deposit to half a million dollars. Thomas E., who repudiated the allegations of the children's spoof possession on Thursday, must appear again in court at the end of September. His youngest brother is to comment on the accusation next week. The 82-year-old Charles E. is at the request of his defender first examined for his state of mind. The court must decide whether the aged man is eligible for a process.


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