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British Grand Prix in the future again in Donington?

Friday, August 25th, 2017 | Sports

25. August 2017 – 10:07

2009 hosted the Motorcycle World Championship for the last time in Donington

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(cafetheology.org) – The Grand Prix of Great Britain will also take place this year in Silverstone. There is an option for 2018, but the long-term future is uncertain. At the beginning of the MotoGP weekend there were rumors that the race might return to Donington next year. Background is the Posse around the Circuit of Wales. This route, which has not yet been built, actually concluded the contract with promoter Dorna. In the absence of completed race track, the race was relocated to Silverstone. At the beginning of August the contract between the Circuit of Wales and MotoGP promoter Dorna was dissolved. How it goes, is currently not officially known. Silverstone is facing a further financial site, because they were prematurely phased out of the Formula 1 contract and must also renegotiate this contract in the future. The next weeks or months will show how the race will be in Silverstone. Most MotoGP riders would like to stay in Silverstone, but the route would have to be re-paved. "We talked about it this year," says World Champion Marc Marquez. "Silverstone is a great circuit, but last year we asked if you could asphalt the route for the future." Donington was also a great course, although a bit smaller, it went up and down, and it would not be a problem for me "It is important that we have a race in England." It is clear that the drivers want a new asphalt for Silverstone. Numerous ground shafts have been created in recent years due to the fact that the car has been used for racing and, above all, Formula One. "It is very difficult to find the right vote," says Dovizioso. "But I do not believe that it will be a big problem for our bike, but we have to wait and see how the track is going to show up, and the Formula 1 cars generate much more downforce compared to last year "In addition, there is no continuous asphalt strip, but different asphalt sections. "We have to work on the set-up," says Dovizioso. "Electronics also play an important role for the ground waves." Dani Pedrosa stressed that a new asphalt is necessary, "We have already talked about this, but we do not know how long a new asphalt will last if the Formula 1 continues to be here." Whether Silverstone will pave the track again Currently uncertain. The BRDC would have to support this investment. After the first free practice sessions on Friday, the safety commission meets, where driver suggestions are also made. On five routes, both Formula 1 and MotoGP: Silverstone, Spielberg, Barcelona, ​​Sepang and Austin. In Sepang, Formula 1 will not be racing next year. After much criticism, Barcelona will asphalt again the course in the winter.


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