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Brio 4K Streaming Edition: Logitech camera for Lets-Player and other Streamer

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 | Gadgets

At the Gamescom 2017, the peripheral manufacturer Logitech has presented a new version of the webcam Brio 4K, which is specifically designed for streaming gaming content. The Brio 4K Streaming Edition is the successor of the Brio camera, which could record 1080p video. This resolution was increased to 4K. Images are recorded at a frequency of 30 frames per second. Alternatively it can be adjusted to 1080p with 60 fps and 720p with 90 fps. However, sufficient light incidence is required for the latter mode. A similar camera is the Brio 4K, which we could already test. The streaming edition is delivered with a one-year premium license of the streaming service Xsplit.

The webcam contains the function to capture images with High Dynamic Range (HDR). In addition, it can be adjusted in three viewing angles: 65, 78 and 90 degrees. According to Logitech, the camera should have a high zoom factor and still provide a good picture. It has also integrated an automatic light detection system in which the shutter automatically closes or opens.

Automatic face detection and filter
An algorithm called Chromacam automatically detects the background in the image and can render it blurry when needed. Under Windows 10, the camera automatically detects faces and can provide them with different filters. Logitech also called a high color saturation, a black-and-white mask and a low-contrast filter. The images are coded using the Brio software, rendering by software, graphic unit or processor.

    Resolutions in direct comparison (Picture: Logitech)

The Brio 4K Streaming Edition, including the one-year license for Xsplit, costs 250 euros and is to be sold in Germany from September 2017 onwards. As an accessory, Logitech provides a clip for plugging the camera, a bag, a USB-type C cable and a flap for covering the lens with.
The camera also competes with the established and popular Logitech C970, which is significantly cheaper with about 80 euros. For this, the Brio 4K Streaming Edition offers a higher resolution and more additional software, which is specially tailored to streamer.


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