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Brembo celebrates milestone at home race

Thursday, September 14th, 2017 | Sports

thanks to Marquez 14. September 2017 – 11:09

Thanks to the carbon coating, the brake comes faster to temperature


(cafetheology.org) – Marc Marquez's victory at the San Marino Grand Prix in Misano was a very special triumph for brake manufacturer Brembo. For the first time, a MotoGP pilot with carbon brake discs could win a rain race. In the past, the riders also used steel discs that require less temperature to achieve the necessary braking performance. Bravo is convinced that the use of carbon brake discs has only been possible due to recent improvements. The Italians are responsible for optimized production processes and better materials. Carbon brake discs require at least 250 degrees to guarantee a good friction coefficient. So far, it has been difficult to reach this temperature in the wet. Due to the increasingly powerful engines and the progress of the tires, the brake discs have been so heavily loaded during the rainy years that the conventional steel discs have reached their limits. Carbon discs offer more reserves and are lighter.Misano 2015: Smith surprised Brembo

Carbon brake discs have numerous advantages and offer greater reserves

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The Misano-Grand-Prix two years ago were the decisive factor for the use of carbon brake discs. At that time the race was started on a dry track. In the course of the Grand Prix rain started. Except for Bradley Smith, all drivers changed their machines. Smith stayed outside with his dry-tuned Yamaha, demonstrating that carbon discs can be used even in wet conditions. Despite the sinking temperatures, the brake delayed well. The Briton went to the podium. Brembo then intensified the tests with carbon discs in the wet. From then on, the Italians handed over their drivers, whether wet or wet with steel or carbon brake discs. At the Malaysia Grand Prix last year, Marc Marquez used the carbon brake during a rain race for the first time and was convinced of the advantages. Brembo engineers looked at the brake system exactly after the Grand Prix and found that there were no problems. Residual risk remains

Steel brake discs reach their limits even in wet conditions

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Completely safe, it is not, however, in rain with carbon discs to drive. Brembo emphasizes that the driver needs "a lot of experience because the temperature in the first few turns is below the ideal value." "To counteract this short-term problem, the pilot has to prefer braking rather than pushing the brake a few meters earlier than usual , so that the temperature rises as soon as 250 ° C is reached, the coefficient of friction remains constant, "says the brake manufacturer." Steel, on the other hand, suffers at high temperatures, which can lead to longer braking travel it can even happen that the brake lever touches the handlebars at the end, and carbon has no problems with the residual torque even in wet conditions, which can become an interfering factor in steel brake discs, "Brembo compares Carbon discs is quicker and thus guarantees the hindrance of grinding so important to the driver. In other words, the wheel is as soon as the carbon brake lo "says Brembo," this is a new advantage of the carbon brake discs. "Over the last few months, most of the riders have tried the carbon discs on a wet track and given different feedback," Brembo writes "The victory last Sunday could have convinced the last skeptics."


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