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Brake changes at Haas: Ferrari-Junior satisfied only

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | Sports

15. September 2017 – 22:01

Overheated: Romain Grosjean drove two brake manufacturers in one training session


(cafetheology.org) – Renault against Force India against McLaren – only Haas does not seem to be able to get involved in the close midfield fight at the Singapore Grand Prix. With places 17 and 18, Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean can not be satisfied. The latter, in the first session on the road course, was again caught in a brake problem. While still in operation, the material had to be changed. "We switched the brakes during the session – from carbon industry to Brembo," explained Teamchef Günther Steiner after the first training session. "Because he had to adapt a bit because the brakes from carbon industry have overheated. We knew we were on the limit and then we found out that we were even above the limit." The problem with the braking material of carbon industry is the "inner ventilation of the disc." Even the new material has not brought the Americans closer to the midfield. "We have made some progress on the set-up, with the rear will be better," says Grosjean. "We still have problems with the front-line, I just do not get a feeling for it." With a time of 1: 44.928 minutes, he was about four seconds slower than the best time on Friday. The bad prognosis for qualifying and race mummies was half a second faster than his team colleague. The Dane also complains: "We still have a bit of trouble finding the Pace, we are a long way from our usual position, so we have to get a lot more time out a few things that we can improve, and whether that will be enough to fill the gap is difficult to say. "On Williams, who also did not have a clean Friday, Haas is still missing a tenth of a second. The next Renault is already 0.6 seconds away and Toro Rosso moves with a distance of 0.8 seconds into the far distance. "It does not look as if we are doing it in Q2," says Grosjean. "But a small step in the set-up could already make a big difference, and our racing pace was similarly bad as our qualifying pace, but there are also positive things, and we can keep the rear tires very well , we are much better off. "Giovinazzi is in charge of the second half of the season. The team has been shaken by the renewed use of Ferrari junior pilot Antonio Giovinazzi. In the first training he had taken over the cockpit of Magnussen. The young Italian was in this session 16th and was only about three tenths of a second slower than Grozjean. "I consider Romain to be a very good driver, and to get close to him is very good for me," he rejoiced. The circuit was new for the 23-year-old. Since the Hungarian test for Ferrari in early August, he has not sat in the car. "We left our hearts there, after what happened last time," Steiner recalls at the "Training Crash" in Budapest. "We talked to him extra, and I told him that we had to bring the car home safely, and he was also very well behaved, but I think the rear runners were very good at it, but he was well under control when it was. "Uncertain future for Ferrari junior

In his first assignment in Singapore, Giovinazzi was not bad


"I know that you can make mistakes in street courses quickly and then land with the car in the wall," defends Giovinazzi. "I was very careful, I wanted to do the best for the team and give Kevin the car and the data he needed for the second practice." "I am now concentrating on working hard for Haas in the next four training sessions," he says. "It's Ferrari's decision, of course it is my goal to be in the starting position next year and we will see what Ferrari has in mind. "


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