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Bradl, Rea & Melandri: "Marc Marquez is a genius"

Friday, August 25th, 2017 | Sports

24. August 2017 – 14:39

The defending champion Marc Marquez (93) placed the World Cup lead in Spielberg

© Ducati

(cafetheology.org) – Marc Marquez did not let the past Grand Prix do anything to turn the win against Ducati's Andrea Dovizioso. With a risky maneuver in the last corner, the title defending champion polarized both praise and criticism. "Dovi" first reacted furiously to Marquez's attack, but calmed down again at the Parc Ferme. And what do the top riders from the WSBK paddock say to Marquez's maneuvers? "Fantastic for the sport!" Commented Honda's Stefan Bradl. "It was incredibly exciting, I know Marc a bit, Dovi, too, so he left the door far enough open, he is brave and tries everything, he can not be blamed for it, he fights to the end He said that he had not been able to sleep if he had not ridden the attack, he was positively crazy, he needed some kind of sport, he was special, everything went well, but he tried it. "" This guy is a genius for me, "says Marco Melandri, who sees no reason for excitement:" He did not touch anyone and did nothing bad, and in Italy, drivers who succeeded in doing such maneuvers are regarded as genius "" I do not understand that, "Melandri says." I do not understand the initial criticism of Landmann Melandri: "Marc did not touch anyone, if he had killed another driver E, then it would have been stupid, of course. The ridge between genius and idiot is very narrow. I think it's great if you are always in this narrow window on the road. As long as he is not riding the motorcycle, he must be admired for such maneuvers. "

Rea about Marquez: "He can do incredible things with a motorcycle"

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Superbike world champion Jonathan Rea has a similar opinion: "Marc is a phenomenon in my opinion, and he is certainly one of the best drivers of all time, I like him," the Briton remembers, "we were together in Barcelona in January Motocross, he can do incredible things with a motorbike and has a lot of talent, he's special. "" He also has charisma and a very great motivation, if you had to call a driver that you did not have in the last turn "It's the Marc," he says. "He tries everything, whether he wants to get a championship or two additional World Championship points, he will always try it," Rea says. "I've been looking forward to Dovizioso in Spielberg too, and he did a great job with Ducati, but he's very clever, but Marc is the MotoGP right now."


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