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Bottas: To be beaten by Vettel would be a disappointment

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | Sports

15. September 2017 – 09:13

Whether Valtteri Bottas Sebastian Vettel says here what he plans in 2017?

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(cafetheology.org) – Valtteri Bottas is currently behind Sebastian Vettel, but it would be a disappointment for the Finn if he did not conquer the Germans at the end of the season: "I would definitely not have reached my goals for this year ", he clarifies clearly. He does not want to beat a Ferrari. "I'm not here to be third." Bottas would like to finish as well as possible – if it can not be the first place, then the second. "I always set my goals high," says the Mercedes-driver and would like to try again after the recent setbacks back into the title fight. "I want to fight for the title as long as the opportunity for it is there," he says. This could be difficult, however, because Mercedes has announced how Ferrari wants to put everything on a map. At the moment, Lewis Hamilton is 41 points ahead of Bottas, which is why the Finn can already train his helper skills. "There are still seven races, and everything is possible in Formula 1." "I definitely need to get ahead of Seb and Lewis if I want to keep my chances alive better than before, "says Bottas. In Singapore could be one of the last chances for him, because if Hamilton again should get much more points, the train for his team colleague could finally leave. "The race is important because the season's end is approaching," Bottas knows. But he does not want to think about it: "I just want to get started and hopefully get it in the points." "If we win the Constructors' Championship as a team, I would feel a bit better." There, Mercedes already has a comfortable 62-point advantage.


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