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Bombing in Frankfurt: Residents refuse evacuation

Monday, September 4th, 2017 | World News

Because of the defacement of a world war bomb, Frankfurt am Main is in an exceptional state. Tens of thousands of people had to be evacuated. Some refused to leave the restricted area, causing massive problems. The detonators have been removed, but the danger has not yet been banned.

The defusing of a bomb from the Second World War in Frankfurt is more complicated than imagined. As police and fire brigade reported early Sunday evening, all three detonators are removed. But in two cases, the blasting air could not be removed when the detonators were removed. The explosive capsules would now have to be expanded separately.

Other devices are necessary. "This is just as dangerous work as removing the detonators," said police president Gerhard Bereswill. Even after the expansion of the explosive capsules the work was not yet finished. Then the remains of the bomb would have to be transported safely.

  "We are glad that we are coming forward," said firefighter Reinhold Ries, "but the danger is not yet banned." When the closure, which affects more than 60,000 residents, can not be foreseen at present. The longest will probably be the closure of the Autobahn 66, where the emergency vehicles park.

Residents provide for delay
The defusing of the bomb began with delay because some Frankfurt refused to leave their flat. At least one resident had been taken into custody because he had not left his apartment voluntarily, said police president Gerhard Bereswill. The fire brigade had to take the uninspired person with a ladder over the balcony. Two smaller groups had refused to leave the restricted area.

 Originally the experts wanted to begin at 12 noon to make the airmines of the Second World War harmless. In the most extensive evacuation campaign in the history of the Federal Republic, more than 60,000 people had left their homes in the banking city. The dummy had been found during construction work in the Frankfurt Westend.

Fire brigade: mixture of "ignorance and stupidity"
"I can only hope that this has legal consequences," said the head of the Frankfurt fire brigade, Reinhard Ries, visibly angry. "If someone is standing at the window and is waving, that is for me." He spoke of a mixture of "ignorance and stupidity".

"Because of less than a dozen people, the whole machinery is now stopped." Since the beginning of the evacuation, police and rescue workers had done a super job "and these gentlemen are hurting us all".

Polizeichef Bereswill is also angry: "This is annoying, because a whole city is affected by it, and some have placed the self-interest on the common good – in my opinion a monstrous." Some residents had hid themselves initially and then fear and the police called.

Incidence of sick transport
On Sunday, it took longer than expected to bring people who were in need of help out of the zone. This was "super annoying and super elaborate", said a spokesman of the Frankfurt fire brigade. Police and rescue workers had enough time and capacity in the morning to transport needy people, but they had not known anything about them. "Only when no more messages arrive will we be able to release the space."

In one of the sick transports there was an incident according to the police. A person had become unconscious during transport and had to be resuscitated. Frankfurt's main railway station is outside the restricted area, so rail traffic is not affected by restrictions. However, bombing could have short-term consequences for air transport. Because at the east wind, some aircraft usually cross the area above the location of the bomb in the approach to the largest German airport in Frankfurt.


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