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Blue Byte: Anno 1800 with street battles and thick air

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 | Gadgets

It could have gone even further into the future with the next Anno. One of the developers of Blue Byte in Mainz at the Gamescom 2017 told us this. Instead, the team decided to use Anno 1800 to pick up one of the most popular scenarios: the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century.

But the Blue Byte's recording would have to be called Anno 1850 or even Anno 1860, because it is more about this later epoch. But with an Anno the times rule is that the cross-sum of the year has to result in a "9".
The game takes up the industrial revolution, which has some practical advantages for the developers. On the one hand, traditional production and trade flows with real workers, which can be depicted in the game, still play a role. On the other hand, there are also chic railways, foundries and magnificent-looking ocean giants.

    Anno 1800 (Picture: Blue Byte)

The game is supposed to have a positive mood and tend to emphasize the positive aspects of the time. However, it will not be forgotten in history: the conflicts between poor workers and the rich bourgeoisie are clearly visible in the residential districts.
The proletarians live in wind-swept wooden huts, above which thick smoke hangs from the chimneys. The improved residents live in chic, high-rise stone buildings in the inner city – with comparatively clear air. We were able to see a kind of mission in which animals were brought to the zoo by a large-scale steamship: first he had only pigs and sheep, but the intended rich clientele wanted to be lucky with lions, elephants and parrots.

They dream of such troubles in the miseries. If the player does not pay attention, there is even unrest. Blue Byte presented us in the early version a small street demo with banners and a speaker on a wooden crate, which called to the overthrow.
Then the developer showed us how a conflict-ready player as Stadtoberhaupt could solve such problems: by sending about mounted policemen, in order to let the proletariat stick to the ground. On the screen this looked quite funny in macabre way, but according to Blue Byte is the worst of many possible procedures.
The return to the past brings back a few other familiar elements that did not exist in Anno 2205. There should be computer-controlled opponents, and thus also diplomacy and the military as part of the main game – thus no longer in the Extramodus as in 2205.
Endless game and random cards
In addition to a campaign, the classic endless game as well as a multiplay mode in the style of the earlier Anno games is planned, as well as procedurally generated environments and trade routes. All this should be in the game from the beginning, and not come as an extension or update.
Anno 1800 is scheduled to end 2018 for Windows PC. The reason why the program has already been officially announced: Blue Byte wants to work as closely as possible with the community. Already in the middle of July 2017 the studio secretly invited a handful of particularly committed players from the community to take a pre-alpha version of 1800 for two days under the magnifying glass and to provide as many feedbacks as possible.
If you would like to contribute, you can also register on the website Anno Union. As the whole thing then goes in detail, Blue Byte has not told us yet – obviously the studio but actually plans much more than a few short test phases, but has relatively comprehensive and long-term plans.


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