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Bixby: Samsung's language assistant comes to English in Germany

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 | Gadgets

Samsung has announced the introduction of its language assistant Bixby in a total of 200 countries. This also includes Germany, as confirmed by the South Korean manufacturer on demand. So far the language skills of Bixby could not be used in Germany, the assistant was only available in South Korea and the USA.

Bixby in Germany not in German
The introduction into Germany comes however with a significant restriction: Bixby will not be here in German, but as before, exclusively in English and Korean. This also applies to the other markets where the wizard will be available.
The lack of German language skills is likely to limit the scope for users who do not speak English or Korean. Although Bixby in Germany then, among other things, speaks the language control of apps and smart home components and can answer questions, but not in German.
Delays in development
The release of Bixby had also been delayed in English, as there was communication difficulties between the development teams in the USA and South Korea. In addition, Samsung had too few data to train the deep learning algorithm.

Samsung had introduced Bixby along with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. A first test version made a good impression on us: The language assistant recognized products and sights, among other things, and could control the functions of other apps.


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