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Bitcoin Group – The Bitcoin Madness on the German Stock Exchange News

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 | Economy

From 49 euros up to 79 euros and then down to 51 euros, the whole on two trading days. The share of the Bitcoin Group, which is listed in Germany, is currently exposed to strong fluctuations. Since the beginning of the year, its value has risen by 853% – to currently 58 euros.
What is behind it? Bitcoin Group sees itself as an affiliate "with a focus on innovative and disruptive business models and technologies from the fields of cryptocurrency and blockchain," as it writes on its homepage. At the moment, however, the portfolio contains only one item: Bitcoin Deutschland AG, which operates Germany's only regulated trading center for the digital currency Bitcoin.
And this trading platform is hotly coveted. In the meantime more than 430,000 customers are browsing on bitcoin.de, 70,000 more than at the beginning of the year. According to own data, this is the largest Bitcoin marketplace in Europe. This reflects the global run on Internet currencies, which provides for sharply rising prices and constantly attracts new speculators. Bitcoin, for example, the largest of all digital currencies, has grown more than 370 percent this year (see chart). At Ether, the number two, it is a plus of 11'419 percent.

Because the portal earns a fee of between 0.8 and 1 percent for each transaction, the Bitcoin Group's boom spills a lot of money into the cash register: in the first half of the year the profit amounted to 819,000 euros, after red numbers were reported in the previous year. The company is also confident about the coming months. The acquisition of further cryptos, a customer growth of 480,000 as well as new participations are the most important objectives of the management.
The strong fluctuations of the Bitcoin share are, on the one hand, related to the up and down of the crypt diet. On the other hand, the small free float is also an important factor. The major anchor shareholder Priority AG holds around 75 percent of the shares. The low level of liquidity can also lead to strong share price fluctuations.
A hype or not?
A serious assessment as to whether the bitcoin boom is still going on for a long time or not can currently not be given. It is striking, however, that many well-known economists are skeptical about the long-term success of Bitcoin & Co.
Recently, the Nobel laureate Robert Shiller told the Business Portal Quartz that he did not believe the hype: "The best example of a speculative bubble is currently Bitcoin." This is due to the fact that around Bitcoin a fascinating story has emerged. The inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, for example, had never been found. Such mysteries and the uncertainty about the digital future attracted speculators.
It is clear: whether with direct investments in Bitcoin or with the purchase of Bitcoin Group shares – such investments remain very risky. Another example from this area is the share of the Naga Group. Over the last five trading days, the title has increased 166 percent, but not reached the level of mid-July. The investor's imagination behind it: Naga wants to bring a digital Brieftasche on the market, with which one can keep cryptic notes.


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