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Best Buy: US trading chain bans Kaspersky software from shelves

Sunday, September 10th, 2017 | Gadgets

The US retail chain Best Buy does not sell any products of the security company Kaspersky more. This confirmed both the chain itself and Kaspersky the British magazine The Register. Best Buy also offers customers a complete removal of their products by employees. Kaspersky is repeatedly suspected, especially in the US, of cooperating with the Russian authorities.

Kaspersky itself denies the allegations. They work with authorities all over the world, but they have no specific relationship with the Russian intelligence services and the local police. In fact, there is no concrete evidence that the use of Kaspersky products is a particular danger because of the Russian home of the company.
"Kaspersky Lab is looking forward to a productive decades-long partnership with Best Buy and its customers, and Kaspersky Lab will continue to offer its industry-leading products through its website and other vendors."
US police officers are also warning about Kaspersky
US police officers have warned US companies in recent months to use Kaspersky products. Certain government agencies are also no longer to use the products. Democratic senator Heanne Shaheen from New Hampshire last week issued a bill that would ban the use of Kaspersky products on all computers of federal authorities.

She said, "Because Kaspersky's servers are in Russia, sensitive data from the United States are permanently routed through a hostile country." In addition, Kaspersky Lab is required by Russian laws and a certification of the FSB secret services to support them in espionage activities. Shaheen quotes the controversial Russian Sorm law, the Internet service provider committed to storing customer data according to the full-take principle. It is unclear why they called Kaspersky as an Internet service provider.
As The Register does, the situation in the US is not fundamentally different. The investment arm of the CIA, In-Q-Tel, has invested in security companies such as Fireeye, Interset, ArcSight and Silver Tail Systems. The Patriot Act also allows US companies to be required to provide customer data and, if at all, to talk about it after intensive legal disputes.
To counter the suspicions, Kaspersky founder Eugene Kaspersky had already offered the company's source code to the US authorities for inspection. But this offer has not yet been accepted. Even at Golem.de, we have already been critical about Kaspersky products and other antivirus products – but because of specific security problems or fundamental concerns against such products.
Similar accusations like Kaspersky looks for years also the Chinese network equipment and smartphone producer Huawei exposed – likewise without any evidence. The company has already withdrawn completely from the US market for network equipment a few years ago.


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