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Berlin Start-up HelloFresh could go public in September

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 | Gadgets

The Kochbox delivery service HelloFresh, probably the most important portfolio company of Rocket Internet, could already go on the road in just a few days. This said HelloFresh CEO Dominik Richter the manager magazine, which will appear tomorrow. However, the company value of HelloFresh will be lower than last expected.

          A lower valuation of the Berlin company is "no more than a moment", Richter told the manager magazine. "This also applies to the price of a possible exchange run." On the other hand, corporate value is much more important in three or five years. The Kochboxenderder broke recently with the tradition that rapid growth with likewise fast losses along with. While revenues jumped by almost half to 205 million euros, the operating profit last rose only from 27.3 to 29.6 million euros. The Berlin company was finally hit by the abusive exchange rate of the American competitor BlueApron in June. According to the report, the US service is now worth only about one billion dollars – significantly less than half the value of the stock market (2.68 billion dollars). According to the report, investors are therefore questioning whether HelloFresh can keep its valuation of two billion euros during a stock exchange. Richter stressed in the interview that HelloFresh is much better than Blue Apron. "We play in a very different league." HelloFresh is growing faster, reducing losses and gaining market share in the US. "This will also be reflected in the figures for the rest of the year. Ron (with dpa material)





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