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Berlin police searched too late for Anis Amri

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | World News

After the terrorist attack on the Berlin Breitscheidplatz at the end of last year, the police reportedly reacted too late. From a police-internal report serious serious failures of the security forces in the hours after the attack, the RBB and Berliner Morgenpost reported on Friday coincident.

Both of them are, according to their own account, the 120-page document of a "preparatory commission".

Delayed reaction of the police
The terrorist investigators ("measure 300") had only been launched after three hours, citing the media from the report. Up to this point, the officials had neither searched the area at the broad-shot parking lot, nor had roads and railroad tracks been controlled as escape routes.

The assassin Anis Amri was able to flee unhindered from Berlin. He had kidnapped a truck and steered him to the Christmas market at the Memory Church on 19 December. A total of twelve died, almost 70 were injured.

"With the follow-up commission, we wanted to carry out a relentless analysis of the processes and to show weaknesses," said the internal spokesman, Martin Pallgen, on Friday. "If mistakes have happened, it is right and important to talk about them".


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