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BERLIN is expanding for 2.3 billion

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017 | World News

The Berlin Airport Commissioner Engelbert Lütke Daldrup warns of a long hanging party around the Airport Tegel after the Volksbscheid in September. Uncertainty on this question could not be used by the company, said Lütke Daldrup.

"Therefore, my appeal to the owners to quickly come to a decision." On the day of the Bundestag elections on 24 September, the Berliners also agreed to call on the Senate to work for a further operation of Tegel.

High costs and risks with respect to tea
Actually, the airport will be shut down after the opening of the new BER airport. Lütke Daldrup warned once again of high costs and legal risks, Tegel should remain open. In his presentation to the association of Berlin merchants and industrialists, the Flughafenchef made a € 2.3 billion master plan for an expansion of the BER after the opening.

Announcement of the opening date still 2017
Lütke Daldrup reaffirmed that this year an opening date for the new airport, the start of which has now been delayed by almost six years. A frame of measure for the construction companies this week as a default, he announced. If the companies agree, Lütke Daldrup wants to call an appointment in November or December.

A start before 2019 is now considered unlikely. According to Lütke Daldrup's data, the sprinkler system is still being worked on until May, followed by expert inspections and a trial operation.


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