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Bavaria: Thousands of children under suspicion of death

Saturday, September 9th, 2017 | World News

Last year, more than 11,000 children under the age of six were under suspicion of suspicion in Bavaria. In most cases, however, they can do nothing for it.

Most of them were illegally immigrated children, according to a spokesman for the Bavarian State Criminal Police Office. Apart from the violations of foreigners' rights, 70 suspects under six years remain. Their deeds are mostly "sandbox battles", according to the speaker. Skin, for example, a child another shovel over the head, counts as a bodily injury. Or if a child picks a strange shovel, it becomes a thief.

Little children are often not aware of their misconduct, said Margot Czekal of the Child Protection Association of Bavaria. "Children usually do not act out of criminal energy, which is more an accident or a test of courage." That is why children under 14 years of age in Germany are not punishable. "It is the task of the parents to promote their children's wrong-mindedness," said the managing director of the Child Protection Association of Bavaria. "Children have to learn to say" no "and not to participate in every test."

In many cases children are victims
Often, children are also victims: the LKA registered nearly 1400 offenses against six-year-olds in Bavaria in 2016. They would be beaten, neglected or abused. "The older the children become, the greater the range of violence," said Czekal. "Older children also understand psychological violence, they suffer when their mother does not talk to them for several days."

According to reports, the parents, siblings or uncle are the perpetrators in 60% of the population. "Violence in the family is usually the result of frustration, exertion and helplessness," Czekal said. She wants to help parents to get help in time: "We go to the dentist for toothache, we go to the garage for problems with the car, and if we have problems with the family, we should go to a youth welfare facility."

 No one needs to be afraid to lose his children, Czekal assured him. "We people in social work are very long before we take a child out of his family. This is the very last measure when other relief offers have not worked or when danger is in default."


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