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Barcelona: Sigmar Gabriel commemorates terrorists

Saturday, August 19th, 2017 | World News

Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) visited the crime scene two days after the terrorist attack to commemorate the terrorists. As a sign of grief, he laid down white roses.

On the world-famous Las Ramblas, he thought of the 13 killed and more than 120 injured from more than 30 countries, including 13 Germans. The minister spoke of a "terrible" assassination attempt. "Unfortunately there is no absolute security against cowardly murderers," he said.

"We know the terrorists are trying to spread fear and terror in the democracies." Gabriel had already arrived in Barcelona on Friday and wanted to drop the flowers together with his French colleague Yves Le Drian. The access to the memorial was blocked by a right demonstration and a counter-demonstration.

  Gabriel visited a hospital instead and spoke to a young German who was injured in the attack, as well as to relatives. Two women are still in the intensive care unit in the hospital. Both are in danger of life. A middle-aged woman is in a very critical condition.

A small truck was thrown into passers-by on the Rambla Boulevard on Thursday. In the coastal town of Cambrils, another attack was thwarted a little later. The police ordered both incidents of a suspected, twelve-member Islamist cell – just like the gas explosion with possibly two dead on Wednesday in a residential house in the village of Alcanar.

 The investigators suspect that the group there prepared explosives for an even greater assassination than that in Barcelona. The terrorist organization Islamic State (IS) reclaimed the attack of Barcelona, ​​but it has not yet been established whether it really is behind it.


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