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Style. The Story Behind Barack Obama's Leather Jacket - and Who Cured Him of His Mom Jeans. By Colleen Kratofil • @ckcolleen. Posted on May 18, 2017 at 2 ...

Barack Hussein Obama II (Honolulu, 4 de agosto de 1961) é um advogado e político norte-americano que serviu como o 44.º presidente dos Estados Unidos de 2009 a ...

Obama's IQ is 145. Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. Are you smarter than President Barack Obama? Take the Barack Obama IQ Test.Can you beat Obama's IQ score?

Obama with his father, Barack Obama, Sr. Photograph: Obama For America In a letter postmarked 22 November 1982, Obama wrote to McNear that he would be coming to Los ...

Barack Obama Brought His Glorious Dad Style to Indonesia. The former president's off-duty looks are peak dad.

Nostalgia for Obama among his supporters has only grown since the day he left office; every post on social media, or public appearance by Michelle Obama, has been ...

Barack Obama and Michelle are enjoying a vacation on Richard Branson's Caribbean island, where Obama was seen wearing a backwards hat.

See photos of what Barack and Michelle Obama have been up to after leaving the White House

Check out former President Danny Zuko. Barack Obama was spotted Sunday wearing a slick, brown, fitted leather jacket — a welcome sartorial departure from ...

The Clinton campaign is circulating a 2006 photo of Barack Obama in Somali tribal clothes, playing to the “B. Hussein Obama is a secret Muslim ...

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