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Banknote – Little speculation on the ECB rate hike 2018 News

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017 | Economy

In the meantime, investors have hardly speculated on such a step, as from term contracts on Tuesday hervorging. While a large number of investors were betting on it a month ago, they are hardly expecting such a step. This is mainly due to the recent appearance of ECB boss Mario Draghi and the sharp rise in the euro rate. The euro watchdogs had recently raised one of their key rates in 2011.
On Tuesday, futures contracts for the ECB interest rate in June 2018 indicated an interbank rate of minus 0.35 percent. This is only slightly above the current Eonia rate of minus 0.36 percent. According to financial market experts, this means that investors estimate the probability of an increase in the ECB deposit rate to only 10 percent by June 2018. The probability of an interest rate step up to September 2018 is estimated at 30 percent.
Draghi had been covered at the central bank meeting in Jackson Hole, said Martin Van Vliet from the banking house ING. In addition, the euro is now at 1.20 dollars. "That is why most people have already adopted the idea of ​​raising interest rates next year." Draghi had not given any new monetary policy signals in the US.


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