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Bank: Women 's promotion shows first success News

Friday, September 8th, 2017 | Economy

The share of older employees has shrunk.
The dismantling of thousands of bank offices in recent years has not harmed the woman's cause – on the contrary. In the banking sector, the proportion of women in 2016 rose to 38 per cent, as shown by the employers' banks Monitor 2017 published on Friday. Between 2010 and 2015 the share stagnated at 37 percent.
Banks are still male domains, compared to other sectors with an average women share of 47 percent.
Nevertheless, it is clear that the many women's funding instruments of the banks are not only hot air. Over the past eight years, the proportion of women aged 34 to 34 has increased from 35 to 45 percent.
The women's rate is likely to increase in the medium term, the monitor says. "The development of additional labor force potential will be even more important in the future," said Lukas Gähwiler, President of the employers' association of the banks.
In order to promote the compatibility of work and family life, 70 per cent of employers rely on part-time work, according to the survey conducted by the banking monitor. In total, 80% of banks already offer special working models for mothers and fathers.
Always new ideas
For the advancement of women, monetary institutes regularly have something new to think about. Thus, UBS had founded a female advisory council in summer. The nine women, including the Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova, are to ensure that the proportion of female executives increases.
At the very least, the banks still see government gender quotas or judicial values ​​as a horror. According to the survey, concern over the political demand for such a women's quota is large to very large for more than half of the banks.
Very little worries, or none, on the other hand, 75 per cent of banks demand a 4-week paternity leave. Something strange in terms of gender equality is the finding of overtime.
Over all sectors, employees in Switzerland spend 45 hours per year. In the financial and insurance sector, men spend more than 92 hours. Women, on the other hand, spend 39 hours – less than the Swiss average.
When banks report progress towards women's advancement, the potential of older employees has been less exhausted last year. The percentage of older employees in the banking sector is, in any case, lower than the Swiss average, as the monitor shows.
early retirement
However, over the past few years the share of over sixty-year-olds has even decreased – mainly because early retirement models were used in the process of personnel reduction.
There is no lack of efforts. 27 per cent of banks have a specific program for maintaining the labor market capacity of older employees. Many companies have created so-called advisory boards, where experienced employees contribute to projects.
According to the monitor, the framework conditions mean that older employees are significantly more expensive to employers than comparable younger workers.
At the same time, 41 per cent of those responsible for bank personnel would at least take into consideration the increased employment of older workers if the social insurance legislation changed.


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