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Autonomous safety car planned: Does Bernd Mayländer have to tremble?

Monday, August 21st, 2017 | Sports

21. August 2017 – 7:22 pm

Sebastian Vettel & Co. could soon be behind a Roboauto

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(cafetheology.org) – Will Bernd Mayländer lose his job soon? The German has been the official driver of the safety car in Formula 1 since 2000, but according to the FIA ​​technical delegate, Marcin Budkowski, the royal class could forgo a human driver in the future and send an autonomous safety car to the track "It could promote a technology that has some skepticism, but instead it could show that it works," Budkowski says. "The safety car driver would no longer be important because the control would be left to the computer." Driverless technology is currently being tried out in Formula E. In the so-called Roborace are soon unmanned racing machines against each other. There have already been first test races between two vehicles in the past season, but it could take a while before several cars can duel on the track.

Within the framework of Formula E, autonomous vehicles have already competed against each other

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Fans do not have to worry, however, that the Formula 1 soon renounces the driver and instead lets autonomous robots run against each other. Because the FIA ​​is aware that the fans want to see the drivers in the center, no technology. "Can the idea of ​​a driverless Formula be captured in the world? I have serious doubts," says Budkowski. "Engineers would love it, fans will not." With a driverless safety car, however, one could point out the new technological advances without losing sight of the show. "Using motorsport to promote new technologies like an unmanned safety car or events such as Roborace can be a fantastic opportunity to discover new solutions," emphasizes Budkowski.


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