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Automesse IAA – VW CEO: «We will lead the revolution in our industry» News

Saturday, September 16th, 2017 | Economy

"We will be electrifying the entire product portfolio of Mercedes-Benz by 2022," said Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche at the Automesse IAA this week in Frankfurt. VW boss Matthias Müller wants to bring to 2025 even 80 new E models on the market. BMW handler Harald Krüger is planning 25 electric vehicles by then. Chancellor Angela Merkel told the local bombers about the "Dieselgate" at a TV appearance to the conscience again: "There has been considerable trust abused, which will also continue to work with us as politicians." Merkel will officially open the IAA on Thursday.
At the last IAA two years ago the exhaust gas fraud flew at Volkswagen, meanwhile the entire domestic industry has fallen into disrepute. The customers make a big bow around the diesel due to impending driving bans. Politics and other industries are concerned about the car brand "Made in Germany". The pressure on the corporations to develop clean drives is enormous – especially as the competition in the foreign market is changing gears and is now even thought to be a medium to long-term ban on combustion engines even in China, the world's largest car market. US electric car pioneer Tesla is increasingly pushing into the mass market.
Europe's largest car group Volkswagen is now trying to get back into the offensive. "We will lead the revolution in our industry," CEO Müller made himself and the industry courage. He announced a doubling of Wolfsburg's investment in electromobility to more than 20 billion euros by the year 2030 – and every intervention in the strategy was forbidden. The manufacturers would not have to let anyone dictate which engine was the right one. "The technical competence of the car industry is so great that we will already find the right solutions."
Investment in electric cars has not been particularly attractive
For example, Daimler wants to offer the Smart Smart car from 2020 as an electric car. In total, the Group plans more than 50 models with power drive. Daimler CEO Zetsche spoke out against a quota for electric cars or bans on combustion engines in Europe. "We want to achieve maximum speed ourselves, we do not need a quota," said Zetsche. Despite all discussions on driving bans in cities particularly hit by diesel exhaust gases, such as the Stuttgart headquarters, diesel sales at Mercedes-Benz have recently risen.
Among the German motorists in the past few years, BMW had had the lead with the i3, even though demand had lagged far behind expectations. The Munichers now want to offer twelve full-electric models by 2025. What's so frustrating to customers: an often too low range of e-cars, the higher price, the gaps of the grid and much too long charging times. However, as the battery costs drop rapidly, it will be possible to produce today's even more expensive electric cars at the same cost as conventional models with an internal combustion engine by 2025, explained Daimler.
Even for the cars themselves, investment in electric cars has not been very attractive. For individual models, the profit contribution is only half as high as for the vehicles, which replaced the electrical versions, explained Mercedes-Benz finance chief Frank Lindenberg. In order to intercept this, Daimler is now planning a savings program over four billion euros by 2025, but without job cuts. Cars with petrol or diesel engines are not to disappear as soon as counter-financing. "Combustion engines remain the backbone for the CO2 targets and our financial strength for a long time," said Daimler CEO Zetsche. Conti boss Elmar Degenhart also warned of a rapid exit from Dieseltechnologie. This would pose significant problems for the industry, he told Reuters.
In order to meet the growing demand for battery cells due to the change in drive technology, Volkswagen has launched a procurement volume of more than € 50 billion worldwide – one of the largest in industrial history. Carlos Tavares, head of the Opel mother PSA, warned too much e-euphoria, in which, besides Opel, cars from the brands Citroen and Peugeot run from the band. "If it works and business can be profitable with it, that's good," he said in the "Bild am Sonntag". "But if it does not work in the market, everyone, industry, employees, and ultimately politics, have a big problem."


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