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Asteroid "Florence" flies near the earth

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 | World News

Lastly, the asteroid with the name "Florence" of the earth in 1890 came so close. Already with a small telescope hobby astronomers can see the big chunks at the Nachthimmel.

Despite a 4.4-kilometer diameter, the sky was not a cause for concern, according to the US space agency Nasa. It passed the Earth on the Friday afternoon at a distance of seven million kilometers, approximately 18 times the distance to the moon.

"It does not pose a threat at all," said Rüdiger Jehn from the Esa European Space Agency. Vladimir Lipunov from the Astronomical Institute in Moscow said that from a distance of seven million kilometers, asteroids are potentially classified as dangerous. "This asteroid is somewhere on the border, but it is very huge," Lipunov told Ria Novosti. He pointed out that there are asteroids, which are up to 700 kilometers in size.

  Radarspecialists expect high-resolution recordings
The Nasa hopes that the pre-flight will be particularly accurate. In particular, radar specialists expect high-resolution images of "Florence" on which surface structures of a size of ten meters can be seen. So far there is still little data on such asteroids, said the Russian expert Vladimir Surdin.

Finally, "Florence" came so close to the earth according to Nasa data in 1890. However, some asteroids fly much closer to our planet. So "2012 TC4" on October 12th at 43,000 kilometers away – an eighth of the distance to the moon – past the earth. However, it is smaller by as much as 30 meters in diameter.

 Asteroid named after Florence Nightingale
According to Nasa, "Florence" can be seen with small telescopes at Nachthimmel – among others in the constellation Wassermann. The asteroid was discovered in 1981 and is named after the British nurse Florence Nightingale (1820-1910). She was a pioneer of modern nursing.

Asteroids are considered as remnants of our early solar system. The boulders move like planets on an orbit around the sun. Expert Surdin explained that asteroids are the building material of the planets. They are like bricks from which the planets have formed. "We can study them to understand what a substance is in the guts of the earth."


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