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Associations: Telekom only wants to expand glass fiber under pressure

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 | Gadgets

Deutsche Telekom will tackle a broad fiber optic expansion to the houses only under pressure from the competition. This has been explained by the telecommunications associations Anga (Association of German Cable Network Operators), Breko (Bundesverband Breitbandkommunikation), Buglas (Bundesverband Glasfiberanschluss) and VATM (Association of Telecommunication and Value Added Services) and FTTH Council Europe on 6 September 2017. Accordingly, the expansion activities of alternative competitors are a strong driver for Telekom's investments. "They will also be the key incentive for Telekom to invest itself in real glass fiber networks in the future."

The next federal government must clearly rely on real gigabit infrastructures. Transition technologies based on the old copper duplexer such as Vectoring could not meet the future requirements for symmetrical data rates, availability, latency and reliability, emphasized the associations.
In the future, the allocation of subsidies would also have to be geared towards the construction of gigabit access networks. "It is necessary to prevent the build-up of existing gigabit infrastructures. Instead of the existing 50-Mbps expansion goal, policy must define a far-sighted gigabit target by the year 2025," demanded the associations.
Telecom: no FTTH
More than 80 percent of today's fiber-optic connection networks (FTTB / FTTH) were built according to their competitors. The Telekom operates mainly Vectoring expansion, in which the fiber only goes to the cable splitter. The number of FTTH accesses has been kept secret. "FTTH affects a very small number of customers in Germany, with nearly 700,000 customers at the end of the year," said Niek Jan van Damme, CEO of Telekom Deutschland, last week at Ifa in Berlin. The Telekom had laid 445,000 kilometers of glass fiber.

Previously, Telekom explained to their critics in the company's blog, "We are focusing on Vectoring, because only in this way can the people in the rural areas get faster connections soon It is simply impossible to lay fiberglass all the way to the houses right now, with neither the civil engineering capacities nor the financial resources, nor any demand. "
According to VATM CEO Jürgen Grützner: "No, that is not true. Where the competitors close supply gaps and bring broadband to the country and in the outskirts – like the German fiber or DNS: NET – these can be partly 60 percent and more Glass fiber demand for itself. " If, however, products were designed for maximum vectoring speed and a trial expansion as in Chemnitz with one energy was not at the time in the unprovided country took place, but exactly where the supply by TV broadband cable was already very good, so the Telekom does not need itself over dramatically lower take-up rates.


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