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Arrivabene in spite of the act of tactics: "Trume of Kimis Sieg"

Sunday, September 10th, 2017 | Sports

10. September 2017 – 11:31

Trumt Arrivabene 2017 really from Siegen by Kimi Rikknen?

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(cafetheology.org) – Ferrari celebrated its 70th anniversary in Maranello this weekend with illustrious guests from Niki Lauda to Jean Alesi or Rene Arnoux to ex-boss Jean Todt. There must also be no short words. Asked if he could win Kimi Rikknen's victory, Ferrari teamchef Arrivabene answers: "He showed in Monaco that he is capable of doing so, and he would almost have done it in Hungary, too "It would be a dream for him, because he has worked so hard in the past three years, and if he wins, I'd be happy." A statement that must have sounded like a scorn for Rikknen's ears, as the Finn was able to count on outstanding successes in Monaco and Hungary but drew the Krzeren through an unfortunate strategy Rage of rikknens come. However, the veteran's game of victory at the Victory was all the rage: he had won the Grand Prix, but lost the lead through his pit stop, while the team took the team-mates in the World Cup first. "I can understand that Kimi is not happy," Vettel said after the race. "I would feel 100 percent the same way." The word Stallorder was on everyone's lips. In Hungary, Ferrari Rikknen again defeated the 21st victory in his career. This time, Rikknen was in second place after the start, but Vettel got problems with the steering of his Ferrari after only a few laps. This time, the team Vettel, who was not able to go full speed, first got to the pit stop, just to get a rikknen after a lap. "I could have stayed longer, because my Supersoft tires were still in the shot," rushed Rikknen after the race. "I guess they had their reasons to get me in." From the team's point of view, it was really a good idea that Vettel would end up in front of Rikkonen, as the World Champion of 2007 had a big point in the World Cup due to technical defects and low scores einhandelte. One can therefore be curious how the Ferrari command center reacts, should Rikknen in the remaining seven races again just before Vettel in guidance.


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