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Ark Survival Evolved in the Test: Urzeitviecher tame hard

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 | Gadgets

Sure, the T-Rex knows every child and also in the Archeopteryx most adults are nodding knowingly. Anyone who still knows about Baryonyx, Dunkleosteus, Liopleurodon, Megatherium or Pelagornis is interested in prehistoric animals or plays Ark Survival Evolved. The title left the early access phase at the end of August 2017, but is still far from finished: frustration and fun are changing.

Ark Survival Evolved throws us naked to an idyllic beach – provided it does not pour out at night as if from bucket. Without food, clothing, shelter, and weapons, survival is impossible: we die of starvation or starve, or freeze, or weaken, or are eaten. So it is necessary to collect raw materials such as wood or stones, in order to make a camp fire by hatchet. Thus, we gain experience that is invested in more life points or a higher crafting speed. Step-by-step unlocked engrams give us the opportunity to use more advanced technology and tame rogue creatures. They can then be used to reduce resources, hunt and travel.
Developer Wildcard has divided the maps into biotopes and climatic zones, in which only adapted flora and fauna occur. The Earth ages do not matter – a Megalosaurus can therefore hit Ark Survival Evolved on a saber toothed or a terrified bird. What animals are harmless or deadly, what we need to fight them or capture and breed them later does not explain the game anywhere. Even if in a survival title the dying belongs to be slit open by a chalicotherium, while we try to soak it with beer that annoys.

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And no matter whether berry gathering, building a house, or making a raptor a subject: In Ark Survival Evolved, all this takes half an eternity. Smaller dinos we can still be felled with a fist and fed with a little fish. Larger need a bow with narcotic arrows and high-quality meat, which can be cut only from dangerous beasts. If you play alone, you should configure the settings so that the idle speed is drastically reduced. On multiplayer servers this is often the case, in addition, Tribe members get more experience and together, much easier from the hand.
Alone, Ark Survival is Evolved, but even with maximum resource yield and highest toughness speed is a tedious matter. If you want a well-developed base with fields and some prehistoric animals, you have to invest a lot of games. With friends, the title can unfold a tremendous fascination: to plunge a feathered Yutyrannus dinosaur, to fly the mighty Quetzal, or to dive with Tusoteuthis, is just great.
A major part of the game is the graphics that are really successful over long distances. However, this requires either high-end hardware or users who are satisfied with faded optics or low image rates.


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