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Apria tests new data helmet in Misano

Friday, September 8th, 2017 | Sports

(cafetheology.org) – After Ducati yesterday, in the MotoGP paddock of Misano with the presentation of its new V4 engine already provided for a world champion, Aprilia also set a technological Novelty, which celebrates its fires at the San Marino Grand Prix this weekend. "Augmented Reality" is entering the royal class. Helms equipped with this feature are intended to make the work easier for the mechanics. What is Augmented Reality, AR? Broadly translated, this is a reality expanded by virtual aspects. A real existing image is enriched with digital information, such as texts, pictures or videos. These are displayed with the aid of an integrated computer via a corresponding display. In the case of Aprilia's new development, the helmet visor functions as a display. It combines what the wearer sees with useful data. The helmet is equipped with several cameras, including a thermal imaging camera. They identify what the respective mechanic is looking at. Each individual component on the motorcycle can be immediately recognized by a stored 3D model and provided with detailed information in real time to enable the crew to identify and correct weak points. "The mechanics can adjust the temperature of water, oil and tires in real-time "You can check how long parts are already on the motorcycle and when they have to be replaced," says Aprilia. Finally, there are maximum maturities for all components on a MotoGP bike, which can be determined so much easier and faster. The same applies to temperature anomalies that are immediately recognized. In addition, the AR helmet from Aprilia allows the communication between the team members. This allows the crew chief to get in contact with the mechanics from a far distance by giving them instructions on strategy, tire selection or certain changes in the setting via display. The information comes directly and identically, without being distorted by external disturbances. Especially in the training sessions and the qualifying, this technology can save the teams and drivers much time in the preparation and maintenance of the motorcycles. On the turn, this can make the decisive round more important to make the grid important places. As the data helmet called the DAQRI Smart Helmet actually does in practice, Aprilia wants to test for the first time at this MotoGP weekend in Misano.


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