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Apple will set the iPhone 8 apparently on a new operating concept

Thursday, August 31st, 2017 | Gadgets

On 12 September, Apple CEO Tim Cook will introduce the iPhone 8. The buyers of the anniversary smartphone will most likely have to adapt to a strongly modified operating concept. According to a media report, Apple wants to abolish the home button completely – also virtually. Instead, users will have to use the new iPhone with new gestures.

          Apple will therefore adopt completely from its home button, both as hardware and as a virtual variant. This is reported by Bloomberg and refers to insiders who are familiar with the subject matter. The iPhone 8 will instead get a new control bar at the bottom of the screen similar to the one already found on iOS 11 on the iPad (see Tweet below). iPad app switcher works fine on iPhone. "iPhone 8" will probably use a similar approach. (Control Center not supported in simulator) pic.twitter.com/wJTaW4JRpd- Guilherme Rambo (@_inside) August 31, 2017

   In recent weeks it was already leaked that Apple would probably put a full-screen design (AMOLED) on its new smartphone and, in the course of this, will eliminate its home button or integrate it virtually into the display. Apparently the radical variant has prevailed. According to Bloomberg, the new service bar, among other things, serves to unlock the iPhone. To do so, they must wipe the users in the center of the display. you are already in an app, should open the multitasking menu with the same gesture. The app is closed when the user continues the wiping movement beyond the center. The user then goes to the homescreen. In addition, Bloomberg wants to have learned that on the rounded display, which is longer than the iPhone 7 Plus, six apps icons are arranged vertically, whereby on each side 24 Icons place. At the lower end of the display is also a gray colored area, in which frequently used applications are displayed. Apple will miss the iPhone 8 synonymous with a face lockout. In July, first rumors emerged, according to which the group tested a 3D sensor technology with which it takes only a few hundred milliseconds to recognize the user and unlock the device. Verifying payments and launching protected apps should also be done. ron





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