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Apple is to announce its anniversary smartphone "iPhone X"

Monday, September 11th, 2017 | Gadgets

So much was rarely known before an iPhone concept: The next version operating system iOS confirmed many expectations of the new Apple smartphone. The "iPhone X" is therefore to get a large screen and face recognition.

          A software leak has given many references to the new iPhone expected on Tuesday. As a result, the brand new new model will carry the name iPhone X, unlock as expected by facial recognition and support charging without cables, reported the websites "9to5Mac" and "Macrumors". They had the so-called "Golden Master" version of Apple's next mobile operating system iOS 11, which is already prepared for the new device. In addition, the expectation was confirmed that with the new iPhone, the display almost fills the entire front side and it can record videos in a high 4K resolution. According to the information, the face recognition Face ID should not only unlock the iPhone, but also – like today with the fingerprint – app purchases as well as purchases in the trade with the payment service Apple Pay can confirm. Face ID should also work with the iPad tablet and the iPod Touch multimedia player. According to recent media reports, the face detection will replace the previous fingerprint scanner, because on the front side with the larger screen is no more space for a home button. The hitherto unknown innovations include news with animated Emoji, whose facial expression is similar to that of the users . Apple will probably present the iPhone model – the first with a new design since 2014 – on Tuesday (from 7:00 pm CEST). At the same time, it is said, according to media reports modified versions of the current iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The third generation of the Apple Watch watch, which is to be independent of iPhone with an LTE mobile phone connection, as well as a new version of the Apple TV TV box, which also supports 4K video, are also expected. dpa





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