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Apple goes to risk with new iPhone generation

Friday, September 8th, 2017 | Gadgets

Well ten years after the start of the first iPhone generation is expected by Apple again a great litter. Next Tuesday is to be presented according to media reports a super iPhone – with a screen, which fills practically the entire front side and facial recognition instead of the usual unlocking by fingerprint. And the innovations are to have their price: It is speculated over a starting price of 1000 dollars, from which at the usual Apple prices in the top configuration loose still 200 dollars more can become.

          The Börsians, however, are convinced that the higher price will not deter Apple customers and drive the share of the already most valuable company in the world (over 830 billion dollars) almost daily to record high. Since the beginning of the year, the price has risen by about 40 percent. The appearance of the iPhones had remained largely unchanged since autumn 2014, although the inner life and the software were renewed annually. The expectation is that an eye-catching new model can boost sales – many users would have kept their current iPhones longer than before. Analysts and reporters are still puzzling how many devices Apple can launch on the market, probably in September. Probably there will be three iPhone models: The two variants of a likely iPhone 7S, which retains the current shape, should not be a problem. In the brand new model (presumably with the name iPhone 8 or iPhone X), the analysts of Citi Research expect, however, that it will only be available in October or November in larger quantities. The reason for the delay are mainly problems with the production of the higher-contrast OLED displays, the iPhone will get for the first time instead of the usual LCD screens. The Wall Street Journal reported on the night of Friday, the difficulties would have thrown back the production schedule in the summer by a month. The problem is ultimately the screen size. With the new full-coverage design, it should indeed be possible to pack a display with 5.8 inch diagonal – more than with the current plus models – into a case that is only slightly larger than the standard iPhone. But the renouncement of a frame above and below the screen raises questions: What do you do with the loudspeaker, the Selfie camera and the traditional round home button, which so far had all iPhones? According to current information, the camera and loudspeaker find their place in a recess at the upper edge of the display. And a virtual home button should be placed on the screen itself. Still wonders what happens with the fingerprint scanner, which has been integrated into the home button since the iPhone 5s of 2013. It has become a key element in Apple's security strategy: by hooking up the finger, you can unlock not only the iPhone or an Apple Watch, but you can also make payments through the Apple Pay payment system – instead of entering a PIN. In addition, banking apps and other sensitive programs use the Touch ID. Apple always emphasized that biometric identification is much safer than passcodes – and so the fingerprint sensor is really indispensable.Samsung moved the fingerprint scanner on the back of his Galaxy smartphone with a large screen. However, this also came up against criticism, because the user always accidentally smeared the cameral lens next to the fingerprint sensor when unlocking the smartphone. According to media reports, Apple has initially tried to embed the sensor directly into the display. But this had proved to be too much of a challenge and the plan had been given up again. Now the new iPhone is to be unlocked by facial recognition – and industry observers are curious how Apple has mastered this technology. After all, archrival Samsung had to put malicious comments after journalists had demonstrated how easily the facial recognition system could be tricked with photos or videos. According to rumors, another camera is used for depth measurement or an infrared sensor so that the system can not be tricked out so easily. In any case, the face detection must work at least as fast and similarly safe as the previous touch-ID scanner. The new display is also a reason for the higher price with the new iPhone. The renowned industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities estimates that Apple will spend 45 to 55 dollars for an LCD screen in the current iPhones. For the new more complex OLED displays, however, Samsung demand up to 130 dollars. At the same time, the well-networked Apple expert John Gruber, who months ago a price range of up to 1500 dollars a top model brought into conversation, also sees an exemption for Apple. The new generation of AppleWatch, which is expected to become more independent from the iPhone for the first time with a mobile phone connection, and a new model of the TV box, are expected to be available as further innovations Apple TV with 4K resolution. The event is also dedicated to the Steve Jobs Theater at the recently completed huge new headquarters. In these weeks, over 12,000 Apple employees are using the huge ring-shaped building in the new Apple Park. Andrej Sokolow and Christoph Dernbach / dpa





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