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Apple closes with the iPhone X (times again) only to the competition on

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 | Gadgets

          "We do not feel the urge to be the first." This sentence said Apple boss Tim Cook in June in an interview with the financial services Bloomberg. Apple's motto is not compelling to be the first but rather to build the better product. This statement was true of the smart speaker Homepod, which the company from Cupertino presented to the public a week before this interview in response to Amazons long-established echo speakers. But it could equally well apply to the new iPhone, which was unveiled yesterday. Because the innovations that Apple missed its anniversary smartphone, for the most part long been present in the devices of the competitors. For the first time, the iPhone X gets a display that is equipped with the OLED technology for better color reproduction. Samsung has already installed OLED displays in its smartphones since 2011, the Taiwanese company HTC even a year longer. For the first time, Apple also uses an edgeless display without a physical home button. Again, the South Korean archenemy was quicker, missed its new flagship Galaxy S8 as early as April such a design and said goodbye to all physical buttons on the front. The fingerprint scanner moved to the back. The LG V30, as well as the Android phone developed by Android inventor Andy Rubin and brought in August to the market also have an edgeless display. The iPhone X is also the first iPhone, which can be inductively charged, so comes without annoying charging cables out. For Android users this feature is however cold coffee. LG and Google (both since 2013) and Samsung (since 2015) integrated the possibility of the inductive charge already years earlier in their smartphones. Apple had two years ago at least already times its Apple Watch the charging by induction allows. Even with previous iPhone models, the iGroup with new features was only stragglers. The fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 5S? Motorola had already installed two years earlier. A waterproof case in the iPhone7? Had Sony and Samsung three years earlier. A dual-lens camera for the iPhone 7? Had HTC, LG and Huawei introduced two years earlier. With a feature, however, Apple sets the iPhone X nothingdestotrotz technical standards. In the future, users can unlock their new smartphone with the help of an innovative 3D facial recognition. The technology also detects whether the user is looking at the display or not – thus suppressing, for example, signal tones when the user is looking at the screen anyway. One such smart technology is still to be found in no other smartphone manufacturer. Still, Apple has not sparked with its jubilee gadget any smartphone revolution. Most new features have been common to millions of smartphone owners for years. But not for iPhone users. And therefore, the Apple phone is likely to sell very well again. Despite his astronomical price of 999 US dollars. ron





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