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Apple and Accenture close partnership for business applications

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 | Gadgets

Apple and Accenture make common thing. The two companies have announced plans to develop new business tools and services for the operating system iOS. In the future, for example, business customers will be supported if they want to integrate iOS into their own back-end systems.

          For this purpose, Accenture has created its own iOS department within the Accenture Digital Studios business unit at selected locations around the world. Apple experts will work with Accenture teams, including Visual and Experience designers, programmers, data architects, data scientists and hardware and software designers. As part of the collaboration, the two companies are expected to develop a series of new tools and services that will help business users explore new ways to interact with customers using the iPhone or iPad. "With the introduction of the iPhones 10 years ago, followed by the iPad, Apple has completely changed the way we work, but we believe that businesses have just started scratching the surface of what they are doing with our "Said Tim Cook, CEO of Apple. "Apple and Accenture are the leaders in creating incredible user experiences, and we can continue to work together to truly upgrade how businesses operate – with the help of great solutions based on the incredible capabilities of Apple technologies." Pierre Nanterme, Chairman and CEO From Accenture, is convinced that iOS is the "superior mobile platform for enterprises". "Accenture 's comprehensive digital capabilities and industry expertise, coupled with Apple' s market leadership in the development of products that inspire consumers, create the perfect position to help our customers "The new tools and services for iOS are being developed based on the latest technologies from Apple and the digital and analytical capabilities of Accenture. Including a new service, which is designed to help customers process iOS system integration. New IoT services are also planned to enable companies to make better use of their data in their iOS apps. ron





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