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APK: Google Photos Update gives more hints on Google Lens

Thursday, September 14th, 2017 | Gadgets

Google has released a new version of its Google Photos gallery app. Purely optically this offers only a new icon for image processing – instead of a pen, small controls are now displayed.

Modification of photo metadata possible
In the APK, however, some hints on upcoming features are hidden, as Android Police has found out. For example, the website has found code fragments that indicate a possible processing of the timestamps of photos.
This allows users to change the temporal metadata that Google uses to sort the images. This is useful in the case of incorrect data, which means that the photos are not correctly sorted into the timeline.
References on Google Lens
Also hidden in the APK are references to a welcome screen, which explains the functions of Google Lens. Google had presented Lens on the Google I / O 2017: Lens should recognize objects in the camerasucher and explain, among other sights, barcodes, paintings and text.
In the APK, there are indications as to what should be supported by Lens after its introduction. In addition to the things mentioned above, there are also music albums, books, computer games, business cards and generally places. Posters that can be photographed can be entered directly into the calendar as appointments, contacts can be saved from a business card in the address book.

Plant recognition probably not yet available at the start
At the same time, the APK also gives an indication of what should be possible with Lens in the future. A code fragment mentions that translations and recognition of plants and animals will be possible in the future. Google had already mentioned these options as an operational scenario on the I / O 2017, but the functions do not yet seem to be implemented at the start.
Currently, Google is expected to launch with the launch of the new pixel smartphones. These are rumored to be presented in October 2017.


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