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Antenna: supply of DVB-T2 is greatly expanded

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017 | Gadgets

As planned, DVB-T2 will enter the second development phase in November 2017. The project office DVB-T2 HD Deutschland announced this on 29 August 2017. From the 8th of November 2017 the new antenna television will enter the metropolitan areas of Dresden, Kassel, Koblenz and Freiburg.

This allows users in these regions to receive 22 private TV programs via antenna for the first time. The previous DVB-T broadcast ends there at this time.
At the same time, the transmitter sites Cuxhaven (city), Göttingen (Espol), Heringsdorf, Hoher Meissner, Löbau, Pfaffenberg, Rhön, Stralsund (Garz), Wolfsburg and Würzburg are converted to DVB-T2 HD. Currently, only public TV programs are available terrestrially. As a result of the changeover, the number of public-sector programs increases to as much as 17 and DVB-T distribution ends.
DVB-T2 conversion since March 2017
At the end of March 2017 the terrestrial signal DVB-T had been switched off in many parts of Germany. In 2018 and 2019 DVB-T will switch to DVB-T2 HD in other regions of Germany. In October 2016, the three further phases were set up for November 2017, March and November 2018. According to the plans, the number of station locations grew to 61 locations by November 2018. "Private TV providers are thus doubling their reach against today's DVB-T infrastructure," explained the operator Media Broadcast.
For the reception of the private channels in HD quality are now annually 69 euros. In Germany a total of 3.4 million households receive the TV signal terrestrially, for almost half it is the main source for television reception. Media-Broadcast-owner Freenet has won over one third as customers and according to the company is thus in the target. A more comprehensive conclusion about the success is expected to be drawn at the end of the year.


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