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Anki Cozmo on test: Cat against robot

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 | Gadgets

Cozmo's cuteness has already inspired us at the first encounter. Now we got a test pattern from Anki and spent more time with him – and he quickly grew as close to our heart as a pet. He still has some advantages over furry competition. We therefore compared the author's family cat, Isabel, according to a point system with Cozmo. So everyone can decide for themselves whether he should rather choose a robot or a cat to house playmates.

Isabel we do not have to free from their packaging. Putting on a basket, opening the door, ten minutes later, she climbs curiously. It took us 10 minutes to pack with Cozmo to understand how the carton system works and how to get it out. The box looks nice, but the unpacking is elaborate.
Isabel: 1 point, Cozmo: 0 points
Required accessories
For Cozmo we need a free smartphone app (iOS and Android) and a USB power supply. Procurement is no problem. Three cubes as toys for the toys are included. Isabel is required for the proper operation. We need a litter box and two bowls for water and food. Toys like Puschel-Fishing and pimping fur balls are optional, but urgently advised.
Isabel: 0 points, Cozmo: 1 point
Isabel turns the day over what she wants. She surprised us regularly. We laugh when she plays her favorite scene from The Little Horror Shop. The fact that she tramples on the petunias before us is less enthusiastic. If we do not deal with Cozmo, he makes small pieces of art, usually with the three cubes. He occasionally tries to animate us through the app, but we do not have to go into it. Then he is sad, but only briefly. It is difficult to make a clear favorite in this discipline. Isabel is more varied, Cozmo makes less nonsense.

Isabel: somehow 1 point, Cozmo: 1 point

    Isabel strangers with Cozmo. (Image: Alexander Merz / Golem.de)

Daily activities
At Cozmo we have to make sure that his three bars are always filled for food, games and tuning. This sounds like Tamagotchi, but is by no means so annoying. For this, we only have to complete minor minor exercises. We also get points to unlock other functions. We can also leave that. Then nothing happens. Isabel must be fed daily and supplied with water. She also wants to be stroked once a day. If we do not, Isabel will be angry, then sick.
Isabel: 0 points, Cozmo: 1 point


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