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Angela Merkel was inaugurated in Elke Twestens Plans

Sunday, August 13th, 2017 | World News

According to a report, Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel had already known before the surprising announcement of the parliamentary change of Greens parliamentary deputy Elke Twesten to the Lower Saxony CDU parliamentary party fraction. By the change, the red-green government under Prime Minister Weil lost its majority. There are now new elections.

A letter from Chancellor State Secretary Helge Braun to the managing director of the SPD Bundestag parliamentary party, Christine Lambrecht, points out that Merkel was already informed on the day before the change by the Lower Saxonian CDU country president Bernd Althusmann. This was reported by the newspapers of the editorial network Germany (RND).

Lambrecht would now like to know whether Merkel also knew about alleged "immoral offers" of the CDU, of which Elke Twesten has spoken to colleagues. The CDU should therefore "finally clean up the table and completely reveal the real background of this unworthy game," said Lambrecht.

Twünwechsel surprised red-green government
Twesten had changed a few days ago from the Greens to the CDU a few days ago and had about five months before the regular Landtagswahltermin in Lower Saxony the majority of the red-green state government of Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD). As a reaction, the parties in the Landtag in Hanover agreed to make the Landtag election to the 15th of October.

Speculation that Twesten had been promised a mandate by the CDU for party change, Althusmann had rejected. "I can not see a scenario that would make Mrs. Twesten into any high-ranking CDU function in the medium term," Althusmann told the magazine "Focus". This is all "slanderous agitation".

 Twesten himself had explained her change with a longer-lasting alienation process. The end result was that the Greens did not raise them again as candidates for the country list for the forthcoming regional elections. According to a report from the "Nordwestzeitung", Twesten was said to have spoken of an "immoral offer" of the CDU before deciding against two country politicians.

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