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Angela Merkel on the ZDF – How a cleaning power makes the chancellor speechless

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | World News

On the ZDF, Angela Merkel asked questions of the audience. And quickly got into the criticism. Above all a building cleaner from Bochum made the Chancellor look very bad.


On the last Monday, Angela Merkel in the ARD broadcast "Wahlarena" despite a lot of rumgeeiere had come off lightly. Three days later, the ZDF broadcast "Klartext" saw the end of the season. Again, almost exclusively people from the audience asked the questions. And there were several exchanges with the Chancellor.

Beforehand the presenters Bettina Schausten and Peter Frey wanted to know whether Merkel's "No" would remain a second TV duel as challenged by Martin Schulz from the SPD in the show on Tuesday. Yes, Merkel's short answer, because we chose parties in Germany and not a president. Finished.

Excitement of the evening:

 Petra Vogel works in Bochum as a cleaning power in the hospital. The fact that she is a member of the Linkspartei is a member of the Linkspartei, and she was furious. "You work hard for 40 years, earn little, and then you get a pension that you can not live or die from," complained Vogel, who will receive around 650 Euro annuity in just a few years: less than basic security.

In Austria, there was the guarantee of the citizens, which everyone would pay, and then a cleaning power would get around 1000 euros pension. Why Germany is not in a position to introduce it? Merkel's response almost spilled over her answer in the Monday broadcast: "We had introduced the basic insurance and there were Riester.

This brought another spectator: "This is a joke, what you are telling!" An "insolence". Vogel, too, was not satisfied: How should one tremble from 1050 euros a month? Under such circumstances Merkel had little to do with. To the basic insurance, there was still house money, if the rent was too expensive.

And in Austria perhaps other things in the system are not as good as with us, "I can not say so now exactly". And "We'd better pay for these works." Solutions did not call them any.

Where Merkel scored:

Sabine Erdmann lamented an allegedly male surplus, which had broken through us through the predominantly male refugees and led to an increase in violence.

In spite of the fact that the Erfurterin ("these societies are more inclined to violence") Merkel remained calm: "There should be no taboos. They had tightened the laws against sexual violence and protested every single offense. "But we should not put them under general condemnation." There was applause.

Where Merkel was smiling:

He is tired of being perceived not as a "real German," but only as someone "with migration background", said a young man. Why is there still structural racism? When the Chancellor appealed to her, she repelled racism, replied the man: Did not someone from their faction Roberto Blanco call a "wonderful negro"?

And did not they proudly proclaim that multiculturalism had failed? "My understanding of multiculturalism is that you simply live side by side, and I do not want that," Merkel said. And eagerly drifted round again: clearly the man could feel as a German. Muslims now also belonged to Germany. And the Christian-Jewish tradition. Sound like: Live and let live.

But what does Merkel intend to do against the legal pressure in Germany, against burning refugee homes and the growing rage of many who feel dependent? That evening we did not know.

Laughter of the evening:

"Are you a bit of a hacker, too?" Merkel asked a young man, who had criticized her critically on data protection. The keen question caused the mood in the studio, but it had a serious background. In the past four years Merkel has approved a massive expansion of the spying rights of the intelligence services – including the legalization of the snooping of the entire internet traffic of the federal news service.

The state deliberately excludes security gaps in order to be able to spy on devices, Tim Peters argued – and in the case of the last major hacker attack, WannaCry was right – it was a US intelligence agency.

Merkel tried to understand: terrorists encrypted their chats, one had to be able to keep up. So, do we compromise the security of everyone on the net to find a few potential terrorists? An interesting question, which moderation moderator Frey unfortunately strangled.

What's left:

In this duel, Merkel left feathers. Although she was allowed to ask questions such as "Do you eat chocolate?" their chancellor bonus. But it also revealed the social coldness of their party. Main thing, it costs nothing. This was Merkel's basic argument on this evening.

Better wages for policemen? The countries should take care of this. For cleaning women? The collective bargaining partners. A decent pension after 40 years of work? It's not for everyone, but it's important that you have work, and otherwise the basic security would remain.

She could also have said: Social is what creates work. But that would have sounded too cynical in the ears of the maid, who was opposing her.


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