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Angela Merkel: Erdogan abused by Interpol

Sunday, August 20th, 2017 | World News

After the arrest of a Cologne author of Turkish origin in Spain, the Chancellor has now also reported with clear words. Angela Merkel (CDU) criticized the fact that Ankara abused police officers Interpol "for something". "This is not my point of view," said the Chancellor in the RTL questionnaire with citizens "At a table with Angela Merkel: Germany asks for".

She was very glad that Spain had just released Saban Dogan Akhanli, who has only German citizenship. The Federal Government is in contact with Spain. "I would also call the Prime Minister at any time," Merkel said.

The Spanish police had arrested Akhanli on Saturday on the basis of a so-called Red Notice of Interpol Police Interpol. This allows a state to ask the other countries to arrest a person, the order had come from Turkey. On Sunday, the writer came free, but must remain in Madrid for the time being. He has lived in Germany since 1991.

Erdogan provokes federal government
On Saturday the Turkish head of state, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, had once again vigorously refused Erdogan in the dispute over his "election" to the Turks living in Germany. "Who are you to speak to the Turkish president? Know your limits," Erdogan Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel attacked at a performance. Similarly, he expressed himself on Sunday in Istanbul under the applause of his followers. Erdogan had previously called on the German Turks not to vote for the "Türkeifeinde" CDU, SPD or Greens on September 24th. Gabriel then spoke of a "one-time intervention in the sovereignty of our country".

Parties condemn meddling
SPD chancellor candidate Martin Schulz advised in the "Rheinische Post": "Erdogan is not Turkey," Erdogan says, "the more wildly Erdogan rhetorically strikes himself." Justice Minister Heiko Maas commented on Erdogan's choice in the "Bild" newspaper: "Mr Erdogan has once again revealed how great his problems with democracy and the rule of law are."

 Unions fraction leader Volker Kauder (CDU) warned Ankara of further border crossings. "The Turkish government apparently wants to systematically destroy relations with Germany for internal political reasons," he told the Funke media group. SPD parliamentary party chief Thomas Oppermann told the "Passauer Neuen Presse" about Erdogan: "If one of his political methods were to work in Germany, he would not be at the head of the government but in prison."

Spain decides on extradition
Ankara's action against Akhanli also fueled the diplomatic conflict with Berlin. After the failed coup attempt in July 2016, nine Germans were arrested in Turkey.

  Akhanli's extradition proceedings are initially in the hands of the Spanish judiciary. The Spanish Government decides on extradition only in the event that it considers that extradition to Turkey is permissible. The procedure can take many weeks.

Gabriel had telephoned on Saturday evening with his Spanish colleague Alfonso Dastis. "It would be bad if Turkey could also reach the other end of Europe that people who raise their voices against President Erdogan would be put under arrest," Gabriel said. He demanded that Germany be included in the delivery procedure. He also asked for the widest possible consular care of the writer. Gabriel does not go from extradition to Turkey.

Akhanli addressed the persecution of the Armenians
Germany can only proceed diplomatically. "The delivery procedure runs directly between Spain and Turkey," said a spokeswoman for the Federal Ministry of Justice of the dpa. According to the European Convention on Contracts, Turkey has a period of 40 days to submit a request for extradition.

In his works, the writer, born in 1957, is also concerned with the persecution of the Armenians in Turkey – a highly controversial topic in which the emotions are boiled up in Akhanli's old homeland. He was arrested after the military coup as a member of the Communist TDKP in 1984 and was in military service until 1987.

"What Erdogan is doing is an impertinence"
CSU boss Horst Seehofer said on Turkey's action against Akhanli: "We can neither tolerate nor can we be silent about it." In the ARD summer interview, he added on Sunday: "And what Recep Tayyip Erdogan has done again in this case is an impertinence." Green Party chief Cem Özdemir called for a re-evaluation of EU police cooperation with Turkey. Left-chef Katja Kipping asked: "How far do we want Erdogan to come in Europe?" The PEN authors found the trial against Akhanli "clearly politically motivated".

The German arrested since the coup attempt a year ago is accused of supporting terrorists. Following the arrest of the German human rights defender Peter Steudtner in mid-July, the federal government issued its moderate course against Erdogan.

Merkel and Schulz had already on Friday night any interference of Turkey in the Bundestag election fight. "We will not let anybody, not even President Erdogan, say that our German citizens, whatever their lineage, (…) have a free right to vote," said Merkel in Herford. "And we forgive any kind of interference in the formation of opinion." Schulz said in Düsseldorf, "What does this man actually get out of? It is not the task of a Turkish president to give instructions for the Bundestag election."


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