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Android projector: Sony brings Xperia Touch to Germany

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | Gadgets

It was introduced earlier this year at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona: Sony's Android projector Xperia Touch. Actually the device should already be available since spring of this year, but to Germany it is only now. However, it is only available in the Sony Store in Berlin and in Sonys Partnershop Ignition. The comparatively high price of 1,500 euros has not changed.

For this, the buyer gets a device that offers a 23 inch Android main screen, which can be projected onto each table. On the wall even 80 inch image diagonals are possible. The operation on the table is not different from the other Android devices. If you can use an Android device, so synonymous with the projector. It detects the hand movements of the user by means of infrared technology and thus determines where the tap is placed on the table. When you try it, the system works well.
Projection sensor turns on the projector
We have read in websites, watched videos, explored the world through Google Earth and played something. The built-in stereo speakers are used for sound output. The system understands up to ten multitouch points, so that a correspondingly large number of inputs are processed in parallel. On the device is a special drawing app from Sony, which allows users to store other people in the household handwriting notes.

    Sonys Xperia Touch (Image: Michael Wieczorek / Golem.de)

The projector has an approximation sensor and turns on when a user approaches. This allows Xperia Touch to act as a kind of wallboard in your own four walls. The touch projection only requires a semi-flat surface. It does not matter whether it is a table or a wall. The only restriction is the maximum projection area of ​​23 inches, which corresponds to a picture diagonal of slightly more than half a meter.
Projection area can be increased to two meters
In addition, a wall projection of up to 80 inches is possible. The projection area, which is slightly more than two meters wide, can not be operated with touch gestures. This mode can be used to play movies or view photos. In this mode the device can be controlled with gestures in the air.
This operating mode is still under development by Sony. This can be a reason why we were not able to do so right from the start. But if this is only one app controlled for video playback, the folds well. In this case, the user must get more accustomed than in the case of pure touch operation. For the projection, Sony relies on its SXRD technology. The touch delivers a resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels, less than full HD.
Sony states with the technical data that the projector with Android 7 alias Nougat runs. No further details were given. The Xperia Touch has a battery that is sufficient for an hour projection. It can be used at other times at short notice.


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