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Android app for Raspberry programming: werGoogelnKann (can also Java)

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 | Gadgets

What was in the 90s its own homepage, can now be transferred to apps. Anyone who as a company holds something, hardly seems to be able to offer their own smartphone program for the users. Whether it is to control networked products, or even to offer targeted information about products and events than is possible via a website. But why should you as an individual program an app? We wanted to try this with our own app.

Because there are quite reasonable possibilities for this. For example, if you use a Raspberry Pi to control connected devices. After all, the smart home is really fun when you can use it from the couch.
Your apps have many advantages
In the specific case we wanted to transfer the functions, which a Raspberry Pi has for watering a garden, into the app. The Gardena Smart Garden System, launched last year, shows how practical this can be. There, irrigation plans can be created with the help of the mobile phone or irrigation can be started depending on the time.

    The app's home page refers to the various activities. (Photo: Marc Sauter / Golem.de)
Also useful and less elaborate is to send certain commands, which are sent to the Raspberry via SMS or the command line, via an app with a comfortable user interface. This has many advantages. On the one hand, it is faster to send preinstalled commands, on the other hand you do not have to boot your computer and open an SSH terminal. On the other hand, the app can be installed on several mobile phones, so that even those without technical knowledge can use the features. In addition, in combination with bash scripts, the control can be configured much more conveniently than would be possible via an SSH client such as Juice.

A simple program goes quite fast
First the good news: It is relatively easy to use an application such as Android Studio to create an app and to store buttons on various pages with fixed SSH or SMS commands. The bad news: What goes beyond this is unfortunately not so trivial and can become a time-consuming matter. As a beginner, you should therefore consider whether you are satisfied with the simple button program after one or two evenings, or spend a few more weeks to make it all more beautiful and comfortable. The dangerous thing: if it works then, you can quickly become addicted to programming.
What is the best way to do this? How is the simplest way to get exactly the lines of code that work for your own purpose? Because an object-oriented language like Java is anything but easy to learn.


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