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Android 8.0 on test: finished or not finished, that is the question here

Friday, August 25th, 2017 | Gadgets

This has not yet existed. Google has completed the work on a new Android main version – even the Google's own devices receive the update but not immediately wireless. However, the current factory images are already available for download and we have looked at Android 8.0 on a pixel C tablet as well as the smartphones Nexus 6P and Pixel XL. As you can see, some innovations do not always work, and it seems that Android 8.0 has been released as a finished version.

We were particularly curious about the new picture-in-picture mode, which was not finished in the first development version of Android O. However, on all three devices, which were recorded with Android 8.0, the picture-in-picture mode only worked with us in the Chrome browser. Google Apps Youtube and Play Movies did not have the picture-in-picture mode, even though the option was enabled for both apps. We asked Google why this is not possible, but so far no answer received.
Home button activates picture-in-picture mode
The picture-in-picture mode is activated by pressing the home button while the video is running. Then the video runs in a small window, which can be moved on the screen. In the background, any app can run while the video window is on top of it. However, it can not be positioned as desired, but must be placed on the left or right edge of the display. The size of the floating video window can not be changed.

    The video can be paused in the small window. (Picture: Google / Screenshot: Golem.de)
These two limitations also apply to a large tablet display – which we find rash. At least the video window on the tablet can also be moved to the upper or lower tablet display. However, a free positioning would be more sensible.
Picture-in-picture mode with restrictions
On the larger display is more space and we would have liked to be able to change the videofilter in size. We also found it impractical that the window could not be positioned anywhere. It is hoped that this limitation will be fixed soon for tablets.

    Although more apps are active for picture-in-picture mode, it only works in Chrome. (Picture: Google / Screenshot: Golem.de)
In the case of Chrome, the video must be played in full screen mode. If the video is played only in a web page, the picture-in-picture mode is not activated when you press the Home button. We find it impractical that the picture-in-picture mode only appears when the video is played in full-screen mode. Usually, the home button is then hidden and must be highlighted first to activate the special mode.
Google had announced the picture-in-picture mode, among other things also for map-apps, in order to display approximately a map excerpt in a hovering window. Although the Google Maps feature was enabled, the window did not shrink when we clicked the Home button.
No changes to the two-mode operation
With Android 7.0, the two-user operation was introduced, which is unchanged in Android 8.0. Then two apps can share the display area. Between the two windows, a line can be used to determine the size of the respective partial area. There is also no free placement or size determination.
There were also problems with the new Notification Dots.


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