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Android 8.0: Google confirms incomplete picture-in-picture function

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017 | Gadgets

One of the important new features in Android 8.0 alias Oreo is not working as expected. This has Google officially officially admitted. In Google's product forum, the company has announced that the picture-in-picture mode in the new Android main version does not yet work with Google Maps. Only in the coming weeks there will be an update of the Google Maps app, which will then also control the picture-in-picture mode in Android 8.0.

Picture-in-picture mode in Google Maps only in a few weeks
In our test of Android 8.0, aka Oreo, we were struck by the fact that many functions in the new Android main version apparently not yet finished. We had inquired at Google, but also after just two weeks of waiting time to receive no response.

Enlightenment now offers the contribution in the Google product forum. In the Oreo settings, Google Maps is listed as one of the apps for which the picture-in-picture mode can be activated or, if necessary, disabled. But no matter how the switch is set, the picture-in-picture mode is not usable.
Also the apps Youtube and Google Play Movies are supposed to support the picture-in-picture mode, but do not work. Whether the function is later to be submitted, is currently unknown, because Google has not expressed.
Android 8.0 does not work
To activate the picture-in-picture mode, the Home button must be pressed once when the app in question is shown. Google did not specify why the feature was not finished to release Android 8.0 and why users were not notified of the missing implementation.

But also elsewhere Android 8.0 alias Oreo works unfinished. The notification marks appeared with us only on the pixel XL-Smartphone. Neither the Nexus 6P nor Tablet C showed the markers.
Also the automatic recognition of addresses with the text marking functioned only with the pixel smartphone. Neither on the Nexus 6P nor on the pixel C could we use the innovation. We asked Google for a reason for this, but did not receive a response after just two weeks of waiting.


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