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Anchor Powerbank with USB-C: Lighter Batteries with Power Delivery and Passthrough

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017 | Gadgets

At the Ifa 2017 in Berlin, Anker has shown two mockups of planned external USB-C rechargeable batteries. The models are marketed under the name Powercore + II, together with a little statement of Milliamperstunden (mAh). Since this does not indicate the actual capacity without specifying the voltage, watt hours are also given. The small, hassle-friendly model 10000 offers 36 watt hours. Like the 96-watt model we already tested, power delivery with up to 30 watts via USB Type C is also possible here. Additionally there is a USB type A.

One difference, however, is that the new model, according to Anker Passthrough dominates. If the rechargeable battery is charged, the other peripherals can also be supplied with power. The new battery is therefore better suited for use on the road, especially since the 36-watt hour model is also not as uncomfortable in weight as the battery we tested. There is, however, no final data on the weight.
Also equipped with Passthrough is the 72-Watt model 20000. This should be roughly twice as heavy and probably below the 583 grams of the 96-Wh model. This model also offers two ports of the USB Type A. For owners of more powerful notebooks, it is also interesting that the Model 20000 can deliver 45 Watts via USB Type C Power Delivery.
Anker could not make any details about the prices. The batteries will be available during the fourth quarter of 2017. The distribution is probably also mainly online. Anker uses mainly Amazon as a sales platform, but according to own data is also already so far, to offer its products about about Conrad or Media Markt online. The next step will also be to supply stationary goods. Corresponding discussions took place at the Ifa.


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