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Analysis: The divorce of McLaren and Honda is approaching

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 | Sports

Corresponding talks are already in an advanced stage and continue, although in the summer it seems as if the negotiations were stopped again. Both Toro Rosso and Honda had recently denied official talks with each other. McLaren, in turn, betrayed: In order to make a possible deal a reality, McLaren was already asked for a transmission. However, according to sources, Honda is not exactly affected by a possible change from McLaren to Toro Rosso. The Japanese manufacturer does not want to give McLaren simply. The result is a Pattersituation between McLaren and Honda. No party involved can take a step to make a decision. But time is pressing: Toro Rosso seems to have brought a deadline for 2018 into play. So it must be solved at the end of the race weekend in Monza. As a result, McLaren and Honda have to agree quickly about the future. Otherwise, the deadline will pass, and Toro Rosso is no longer in a position to agree to a change of the motor partner. Breaking the contract yes or no? McLaren seems to have already stiffened in 2018 no longer to access Honda engines. If, however, Honda could not switch to Toro Rosso, then McLaren would have to cancel his current engine contract with Honda. A legal mud battle could follow. Honda would probably be forced out of Formula One. This, in turn, is a scenario that the new Formula 1 owners of Liberty Media would like to avoid. On the other hand, there would be a situation in which the rules of the FIA ‚Äč‚ÄčAutomobile Association claimed that one of the other engine manufacturers would have to provide McLaren with drives for the Formula 1 season 2018. Renault is considered a preferred option for McLaren, although the French brand of The prospect of having to equip four rather than three teams, still does not show enthusiastically. The rules, however, stipulate that every racing team has to get engines. In the end Renault would probably have no choice. The future of Alonso

How long does Fernando Alonso want to do the Honda engine yet?


Will McLaren will continue to work with Alonso, another engine supplier has to produce. This seems to be the pincer in which McLaren is ahead of the Formula 1 season 2018. The Spanish racing driver is said to have signaled behind closed doors, he remains in the team as far as McLaren succeeds in the coming year with Renault engines to go to the start. On the chassis of the McLaren has made good progress. At the Grand Prix of Belgium in Spa-Francorchamps, for example, Alonso was able to drive with full throttle through the fast link curve Pouhon. In addition, the era Ron Dennis is over at McLaren. All this should have provided new motivation at Alonso. The only problem is and remains: the Honda drive train. Alonso seems to have hoped that Honda could be able to make a significant difference. His desire for Renault engines at McLaren in return ensured that the British tradition force the separation of Honda now forces. After the race in Spa Alonso expressed very clear to his ideas for the Formula 1 season 2018: Only one change needs to be made. " And McLaren is now working hard on this.


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