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Amazone's language assistant now helps with the election decision

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 | Gadgets

Those who just barely three weeks before the Bundestagswahl still knows which party he should give his voice can now ask Amazon's language assistant Alexa for advice. As of today, the digital assistant has a skill of the popular App Wahl-Swiper available. It is the first choice aid developed for Amazons AI.

          Owners of an echo speaker can start the application via the command "Alexa, ask choice-Swiper, whom I should choose at the Bundestagswahl". The digital helper then reads 30 questions on the political attitude, which can be answered either with "yes" or "no". Anyone who is interested in the background to a question asked can ask Alexa: "Tell me more". The Election Swiper – a cross-platform non-profit project of the Berlin agency start-up Movact – started only a few weeks ago and was actually meant only as an app for smartphones and tablets. There, users have to wipe the right for "Yes" and "No" on the left for every question of political attitudes – according to the Tinder principle. In the end, the app spits a "top match" with the party, which has the highest consistency with the user's responses. Unlike the option O-Mat, the choice swiper does not allow a "neutral" standpoint to a question. "The election swiper is to provide the most modern means of orientation on the positions of the parties to the Bundestag elections," explains Max Mitschke, developer and managing director of Movact. "That's why we've released this Amazon skill for our iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, and tablet apps."
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      On the web and in the app stores there are, besides the election Swiper, numerous other offers, which serve the electorate as decision-making aid at the Bundestag election – not least the election O-mat of the Federal Center for Political Education. The tool has now become a kind of institution for millions of Germans. The choice Swiper app does not yet come to this success, however, the download numbers, according to the inventors, the mark of half a million. The Berliners of Movact with their app reach above all the young voters. "We would like to make political decision-making as easy as possible and perhaps also inspire people who have not yet had access to politics," says Matthias Bannert, co-inventor of the Influencer start-up boost .me. The journalist acted as chief editor of Springer's "Upday" news app. "Our principle with a clear yes or no as an answer, we have remained true to Alexa." ron





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